David de Almeida Archive

The exhibition presents a selection of documents from the archive of this artist who distinguished himself in the fields of engraving and lithography.

David de Almeida (1945-2014) became known for his works in engraving and lithography, receiving several awards in Portugal and abroad. He was a scholarship holder of the Gulbenkian Foundation, training at Moulins a papier du Val de Laga Richard de Bas (France) and at Atelier 17 (Paris) with Stanley Hayter and studying holography at Goldsmith College (London University).

His archive was donated to the Gulbenkian Foundation in 2020 and consists of notebooks/diaries with notes, sketches, studies and drawings, dossiers with public art projects, photo albums, books, album-books, postcards, and a public art model.

In this exhibition we reveal a selection of documentation from this collection, which contains around 9,000 documents.


02 Nov – 31 Dec 2023 | 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Atrium - Gulbenkian Art Library
Pricing: Free entry

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