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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

À partir 11 jan., 2020 jusqu’à 11 jan., 2023
À partir €13 jusqu’à €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

The Scribble Group – Drawing in Notebooks and Photography

À partir 12 mar., 2020 jusqu’à 13 mar., 2022

Professors and professionals from various fields of arts, sciences, and humanities present nature through current recording and communication techniques!

Constelações III: a choreography of minimal gestures

À partir 15 juil., 2020 jusqu’à 30 juin, 2021

This project, which involves more than 40 artists, aims to work on the Berardo Collection as a horizontal territory for curatorial research.

Help us, Saint Anthony!

À partir 11 nov., 2020 jusqu’à 13 juin, 2021
À partir de €3

Crafts in times of COVID - This exhibition - "Valha-nos Santo António", in Portuguese - is the result of a challenge offered to Portuguese artisans in March, the first period of lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embodying the void

À partir 25 nov., 2020 jusqu’à 15 août, 2021
À partir de €5

In “Embodying the void”, Cristina Ataíde presents a set of varied works ranging from sketches to video, via sculpture, installations and photography.

Earth Bits — Sensing the Planetary

À partir 18 mar., 2021 jusqu’à 06 sept., 2021

Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary is a data-driven installation developed by the research and interaction design studio Dotdotdot that unpacks the complexities of the climate science measuring humankind’s carbon footprint.

Flora Fluminense | “Florae Fluminensis

À partir 29 mar., 2021 jusqu’à 30 juin, 2021

"Florae Fluminensis", also known as Flora Fluminense, is a work elaborated by the Brazilian naturalist Frei José Mariano da Conceição Veloso (1742-1811).

X is Not a Small Country

À partir 05 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 06 sept., 2021
À partir de €7

X is Not a Small Country — Unravelling the Post-Global Era is an exhibition that explores our current post-global condition

AQUARIA — ​​​​​​​Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea

À partir 05 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 06 sept., 2021
À partir de €7

The exhibition Aquaria – Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea reflects on the possibilities and new questions that arisewe could come up against when rethinking our relationship with the marine world.

Solfatara: face to face

À partir 06 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 05 juin, 2021

Solfatara is a volcano! In this show, the artist takes the viewer into an experience in which they can compare the different erupting faces of the volcano.

Exhibition “F for…”

À partir 08 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 21 mai, 2021

The Balcony gallery reopens on April 8 with the exhibition “F for…” by Sara & André, which will be on display until May 21. The project consists of an installation composed of vinyl prints and 90 drawings.

António Bolota LABOUR

À partir 09 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 19 sept., 2021
À partir de €5

Labour is the first anthological exhibition of António Bolota’s work, offering us the chance to observe pieces created specifically for the spaces of Culturgest and to see some of the fundamental pieces from his artistic career.

Art Arrived at Colombo

À partir 14 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 23 mai, 2021

A selection of works by the finalist artists within the context of the "Art Arrived at Colombo" project.

Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt

À partir 20 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 30 juin, 2021
À partir €12 jusqu’à €20

The Mãe D'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir will be transformed into a monumental canvas where the content will be projected 360º ... opportunity to experience art and culture in an innovative way!

Magical Garden

À partir 22 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 03 juin, 2021
À partir €12 jusqu’à €17

Magical Garden est une expérience sensorielle qui transforme le Jardin Tropical de Belém, Lisbonne, en un voyage magique au travers d'oeuvres artistiques de lumière.

Matter for Future Excavation

À partir 27 avr., 2021 jusqu’à 22 mai, 2021

Matter for Future Excavation proposes a journey through seven installation works comprising photography, video and sound.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh

À partir 01 mai, 2021 jusqu’à 30 juin, 2021
À partir €13 jusqu’à €15

Entrez dans le monde de Van Gogh et découvrez-le comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu … cést une expérience multisensorielle autour des moments les plus importants de la vie de l’artiste.

Maia Horta - Players

À partir 07 mai, 2021 jusqu’à 06 juin, 2021
À partir de €5

Maia Horta starts from the idea that a game of table football, like the act of painting, is an unproductive and inconsequential activity.

NewsMuseum and Sintra Myths and Legends reopening

À partir 18 mai, 2021 jusqu’à 31 mai, 2021
À partir de €9

International Museum Day, 18th May, will mark the reopening of two must-visit museums in Sintra, Portugal’s most romantic town: the NewsMuseum and Sintra Myths and Legends.

Journée Internationale des Musées

18 mai, 2021

Créée en 1977 par le Conseil international des musées (ICOM), cette journée a pour objectif de promouvoir une réflexion sur le rôle des musées dans le développement de la société.