Lisbon Under Stars

Lisbon Under Stars will take you on an immersive journey through history that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers, visual effects and music.

LISBON UNDER STARS is an immersive and multidisciplinary spectacle that will value Lisbon’s culture and heritage, combining multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects, to the sound of great
Portuguese music.

It is Carmo's own walls, transformed into a three-dimensional screen that tell us this adventure, over more than 600 years of the city and Portugal.

Historical landmarks as the Battle of Aljubarrota, the Age of Discovery, the earthquake of 1755 or “Cravos” Revolution are just a few moments that make up this immersive show, emphasised with the notes of famous
musics and will also count with the special participation of national renowned music, culture, art and dance artist, that will, with the projection of their melodies and virtual performances, engage the viewer in this
remarkable audiovisual and sensory experience.

At the centre of the event, the public can move freely through space, see, hear and appreciate different perspectives of this time travel, in this emblematic cultural landscape that are Carmo’s Ruins, which always have up in the sky the stars, reminding us the Universe’s true dimension and our human condition in space and time.

There under the stars, over more than 630 years ago, Carmo Church was born. Resistant to time and testimony of an immense history, that turned it into one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lisbon.

Today, under the same stars, its powerful story full of adventures is revealed.

Come and travel back in time, right in the heart of Lisbon!


Adult 15€
Reduced €12 ( Children from 4 to 17 years old | Students | +65 years old | Resident in the municipality of Lisbon | Reduced Mobility )
Family Ticket €10 ( Price per person / Minimum 2 adults+1 child )
*Free up to 3 years
Tickets on sale at the ticket office on site, on the official website and usual locations.



Lisbon Under Stars (teaser)_2022 from OCUBO on Vimeo.

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  • À partir 05 mai, 2022 jusqu’à 15 juil., 2022À partir 25 août, 2022 jusqu’à 01 oct., 2022
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