Adventure Park

Dare your family and friends and come have fun in a total safety environment, overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers.

CANOPY is an activity that consists of sequentially passing through obstacles between platforms which are positioned on the tops of the trees – hanging bridges, ropes, nets, tunnels from tree to tree, Tarzan jumps – always ending with a slide.

To start your day of discovering Canopy, you’ll be equipped with an harness, which will allow you to go from tree to tree in all safety.

Next, for all the participants over 1,40 meters high, we have a safety briefing – about 15 minutes of explanations and training, in which all the participants will have their first canopy experience and be let loose on top of the trees, free to fly on the slide and swing amongst the trees. And, of course, instructors will always be at hand, regularly patrolling the forests.

The result is amazing. This outdoors adventure is full of adrenaline, takes people out of their comfort zone, and, above all (no pun intended), it’s a great outdoors activity for kids, families, birthday parties, farewell parties, groups, students, companies and team education.

For about 2 hours, venture in the middle of a dense forest and climb up to 12 meters high, wander around on the tops of the trees, crossing rope bridges, hanging tunnels, sliding in a 200 meter slide above the landscape or flying like Tarzan, in a thrill ride.

In our Parks, we organize additional activities such as: climbing walls installation, performing of orientation tests, inflatables installation and at Jamor we can enjoy an integrated offer of Canoeing, Football fields, Archery, Tennis. Contact us we have lots of attractive programs.

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