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Festival Estoril Lisboa'24

Da 21 giu, 2024 a 20 lug, 2024

FESTIVAL AND HERITAGE - from symphonic music, traditional music and recitals in several monuments and theatres.


Da 09 lug, 2024 a 31 lug, 2024
Da €25 a €75

[ Luglio ] COOLJAZZ è un evento musicale di riferimento che riunisce musica, natura, comfort e patrimonio, nel Hipódromo Manuel Possolo di Cascais.

Festival ao Largo

Da 11 lug, 2024 a 01 ago, 2024

The Festival ao Largo returns to celebrate erudite art with music, theatre and ballet shows.

Operafest Lisboa'24

Da 22 lug, 2024 a 11 set, 2024

5th Edition of Operafest Lisboa doubles audience number with exciting opera for everyone under the moto “Basic Instinct” 

Classical Summer

Da 22 lug, 2024 a 03 ago, 2024

VERÃO CLÁSSICO Festival 2024 will present concerts and masterclasses in Lisbon, between the 22nd of July and the 3rd of August, including works from the 18th to the 21st century.

MegaSamba and summer carnival

Da 25 lug, 2024 a 28 lug, 2024

In Sesimbra, percussion will set the pace of the last weekend in July.

Jazz em Agosto'24

Da 01 ago, 2024 a 11 ago, 2024

[ August ] Jazz em Agosto proposes a program that mirrors the multiples identities of contemporary jazz. At the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Festival TODOS

settembre 2024 (data da confermare)

The TODOS festival seeks to “in-neighbour the world”, maintaining its mission to be a meeting point for all!

MOTELx – Festival Int. del Cinema Horror'24

Da 10 set, 2024 a 16 set, 2024

[ Setembre ] Un festival che nasce con l’obiettivo di promuovere il meglio del cinema del terrore, in tutte le sue varianti.

QUEER LISBOA - International Queer Film Festival'24

Da 20 set, 2024 a 28 set, 2024

[ September ] Queer Lisboa is the sole Portuguese Film Festival dedicated exclusively to screen LGBT themed films, and movies dealing with subjects or aesthetics related to issues such as gender, identities or bodies, a genre known as Queer Cinema.

ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week'24

ottobre 2024 (data da confermare)

[ 07-10-20 | 11-10-20 ] Portuguese designers present their new collections and trends for the next Spring / Summer.

Doclisboa - Festival Internazionale di Cinema'24

ottobre 2024 (data da confermare)

[ Ottobre ] Un festival interamente consacrato ai film documentari, presenterà il meglio della produzione nazionale e internazionale.

French Film Festival'24

ottobre 2024 (data da confermare)

Lisboa once again hosts the French Film Festival, a great cinema celebration.

Festival Amadora BD - Fumetti'24

ottobre 2024 (data da confermare)

[ Ottobre ] Per gli amanti dei fumetti, si tiene ad Amadora questo Festival Internazionale che promuove alla 9ª arte.

Tribeca Festival Lisboa

Da 17 ott, 2024 a 19 ott, 2024

Tribeca Enterprises announced the first-ever European-edition of the Tribeca Festival and Lisboa was the chosen city!

Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival'24

novembre 2024 (data da confermare)

Lisboa is hosting new points of view: from the Mediterranean and from women. This International Film Festival is dedicated to give visibility to the presence of women in the international cinematographic arena.

Lisboa Games Week'24

novembre 2024 (data da confermare)

Lisboa Games Week is the biggest videogames event in Portugal, where the industry shows its latest news and launches. 

Alkantara Festival

Da 15 nov, 2024 a 30 nov, 2024

The Alkantara Festival presents an international programme of theatre, dance and other performing arts. And talks about the artistic practices in contemporary society.

ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week'25

marzo 2025 (data da confermare)

[ March ] Portuguese designers present their new collections and trends for the next Autumn/Winter.

Italian Film Festival'25

aprile 2025 (data da confermare)

Festa do Cinema Italiano / Italian Film Festival is the leading festival in Portugal for those who are passionate about the italian films and culture.