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Mafra Jazz Music Cycle

03 Apr, 2020
From €3 to €5

The Mafra Jazz Music Cycle returns to the Francisco Alves Gato Music House, in Mafra.


From 03 Apr, 2020 to 04 Apr, 2020
From €40 to €45

[ 03-04-20 | 04-04-20 ] ID_NO LIMITS > Contemporary Sounds: A festival with a program focused on what is most contemporary and timeless in the electronic and urban music.

FEA - Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa

From 01 May, 2020 to 31 May, 2020

[ 14-05-19 | 18-05-19 ] FEA - Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa, is an artist-run festival dedicated to Lisbon-based artists’ spaces with a program of exhibition projects, events and performances.

The New Art Fest'20

From 07 May, 2020 to 10 May, 2020

[ November'20 ] Lisbon welcomes The New Art Fest, a new international post-internet art, new media and “internet of things” festival that explores cognitive innovation in contemporary art.

Festival of the Iberian Mask'20

16 May, 2020

[ May ] Every year this great cultural spectacle brings together the Spanish and Portuguese regions for the city of Lisboa to marvel at the richness of its cultural and artistic history.

Iberanime LX'20

From 16 May, 2020 to 17 May, 2020
From €16 to €60

[ May ] Iberanime is the largest event in Portugal dedicated to Japanese pop culture.

Lisbon Bar Show

From 19 May, 2020 to 20 May, 2020
From €23 to €30

The biggest cocktails and hospitality event is back, presents more than 100 exhibits, workshops, seminars and cocktail competitions, highlighting international trends in this sector

Out Fest

From 23 May, 2020 to 31 May, 2020

#ElectronicSunFestival - During a weekend, music and urban culture come together in symbiosis with nature, creating a unique and differentiating environment.

Festival Música Viva

From 26 May, 2020 to 07 Jun, 2020

This Live Music Festival brings a number of activities, including concerts and conferences, that affirm contemporary musical creation.

Lisbon Festivities'20

From 01 Jun, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2020

[ June ] In June, the month of its Patron Saints, Lisboa is celebrating in a festive atmosphere: music, dance and much more.

Arraial Lisboa Pride

From 01 Jun, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2020

[ June ] Celebrating diversity and embracing equality, the Arraial Lisboa Pride is the city’s biggest and most colourful festival.

Festival Jardins do Marquês - Oeiras Valley

From 01 Jul, 2020 to 04 Jul, 2020

7 summer nights! ... a Festival experience that will bring the best Music to the Gardens of the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal in Oeiras, accompanied by a prestigious gastronomic offer. [JUL|2020]

Festival Estoril Lisboa'20

From 01 Jul, 2020 to 01 Aug, 2020

[ July'20 ] FESTIVAL AND HERITAGE - from symphonic music to fado in several monuments and theatres.

EDP CoolJazz'20

From 01 Jul, 2020 to 31 Jul, 2020

[ July'20 ] Fado, jazz, indie, folk, funky and soul are some of the many sounds that music fans can listen to at EDP Cool Jazz Fest

Tall Ships Races Lisboa 2020

From 02 Jul, 2020 to 05 Jul, 2020

Lisboa hosts the fleet of Tall Ships, dozens of Tall Ships from around the world will be open to the public.

VOA - Heavy Rock Festival

From 02 Jul, 2020 to 03 Jul, 2020
From €50 to €80

For two days, VOA – Heavy Rock Festival will invade Lisboa with the true spirit of great rock and metal concerts.

Sumol Summer Fest'20

From 03 Jul, 2020 to 04 Jul, 2020

[ July'20 ] Music. Surf. Beach. Friends

NOS Alive'20

From 08 Jul, 2020 to 11 Jul, 2020
From €69 to €159

“The best line-up ever” is coming back to the Passeio Marítimo de Algés for another edition of the NOS Alive festival.

Classical Summer'20

From 26 Jul, 2020 to 04 Aug, 2020

[ 26-07-20 | 04-08-20 ] Daily concerts with a musical repertoire from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

Jazz em Agosto'20

From 01 Aug, 2020 to 30 Aug, 2020

[ August'20 ] Jazz em Agosto proposes a program that mirrors the multiples identities of contemporary jazz at the Open Air Amphitehatre of the Gulbenkian Foundation.