Europa Oxalá

"Europa Oxalá" is a collective exhibition which counts on the participation of 21 artists with family origins in the former African colonies.

Being children and grandchildren of people who were born and lived in Angola, Congo, Benin, Guinea, Algeria and Madagascar, they inherit memories, images, gestures and sounds from their cultures of origin, to which they add research work for their artistic productions.

Reflections on racism, the status of women in society, the deconstruction of colonial thinking and the decolonization of the arts itself are the themes portrayed in this exhibition, which displays about 60 works, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, photos and films.


From 4th March, from Wednesday to Monday, from 10am to 6pm, last entry at 5:30pm

Fundação Gulbenkian, Av. de Berna

metro: Praça de Espanha, São Sebastião
buses: 716, 726, 756, 746, 713, 742

Ticket: 5 euros. More information at:

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  • Fundação Calouste GulbenkianAv. de Berna 45A 1067-001 Lisboa
  • Da 04 mar, 2022 a 22 ago, 2022
  • Da €5