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Painting in Motion

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2025

The first immersive exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the work of the artist Vieira da Silva, a unique and innovative sensory experience that combines the work of art with moving image and sound.

The World of Banksy

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2023
Da €8 a €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.


Da 06 ott, 2022 a 30 giu, 2023

The new space, "Experimentation", presents iconic equipment and objects from the last 120 years released from the museum reserves.

Communications Workers, a history in black and white

Da 07 ott, 2022 a 30 giu, 2023

The photographic exhibition "Communications Workers, a history in black and white" presents a journey into the daily life of postal and telecommunications employees in the first half of the 20th century.

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography

Da 27 ott, 2022 a 09 apr, 2023
Da €15

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography is more than an exhibition; it is the combination of physical and digital environments which become an immersive and emotional journey through the life of one of the most influential artists of all time.

Histórias de todos os dias | Paula Rego, anos 70

Da 06 nov, 2022 a 21 mag, 2023

These are the “everyday stories”! During the 1969 and 1970's, Paula Rego began an illustrative process on childhood and family memories that was based on a psychological analysis of the relationships of “domination” that took different forms.

Paula Rego and Salette Tavares

Da 06 nov, 2022 a 21 mag, 2023
Da €5

Cartographies of Female Creativity in the 70s.

Dinosaurs – The Return of the Giants

Da 11 nov, 2022 a 30 set, 2023

On an adventurous journey through the Mesozoic Era, we will meet not only many of the animals that first arrived in Portugal millions of years ago, but also some of the most charismatic dinosaurs of all time.

Sometimes I stare at a stone… Teresa Segurado Pavão and João Cutileiro at MNAA

Da 05 gen, 2023 a 31 mar, 2023

From January 5 until March 31, 2023, the National Museum of Ancient Art and the João Cutileiro Art Center mark the date of the sculptor's death with an evocative exhibition.

A Life on Stage - Peter Wächtler

Da 21 gen, 2023 a 16 apr, 2023
Da €5

The works by the German artist take us on a journey through a universe in which fantasy, fable and existentialism are allied in the creation of sets which explore a radical ambiguity.

Dorindo Carvalho, 1963-2023, 60 anos a desenhar e pintar

Da 22 gen, 2023 a 22 apr, 2023

An exhibition dedicated to the work of the Portuguese painter and graphic designer Dorindo Carvalho (Lisbon, 1937). This exhibition brings together 68 works, including drawings, paintings and small sculptures.

Et sic in infinitum, by José Pedro Croft

Da 26 gen, 2023 a 28 mag, 2023

The exhibition Et sic in infinitum by José Pedro Croft brings together works in sculpture, drawing and engraving.

Nikias’ NikiaΣ

Da 08 feb, 2023 a 21 mag, 2023

This exhibition presents 80 works that Nikias Skapinakis kept for himself as a personal museum.

A Barrier Against the Pacific

Da 09 feb, 2023 a 21 mag, 2023

Photos by Alice F. Martins | A Barrier Against the Pacific documents the wall and Hudai’s beach, the village and its surroundings, in forty-six black and white photographs.

Miniature City - Model by fireman Luís Pereira de Carvalho

Da 10 feb, 2023 a 03 set, 2023
Da €3

Over 26 years, Luís Caetano Pereira de Carvalho built the centre piece of the exhibition ‘Cidade-Miniatura’, which the museum team affectionately calls ‘the fireman’s model’.

The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay

Da 11 feb, 2023 a 30 giu, 2023
Da €3

This exhibition takes us behind the scenes of this 11-minute puppet film, a very popular Portuguese film that has already been presented at more than 100 international festivals and won a dozen awards.

O Tempo das Imagens IV

Da 14 feb, 2023 a 06 mag, 2023

In ‘O Tempo das Imagens IV’, the Centro Português de Serigrafia (Portuguese Centre for Screen Printing) exhibits 138 works by 87 authors who represent 22 nationalities.

Puppets that keep time

Da 24 feb, 2023 a 23 apr, 2023
Da €2.5 a €5

100 years ago, the first known Portuguese animation film was released and the 16th Monstra exhibition at the Marioneta Museum proposes a journey to the past and present time of Portuguese animation cinema.

Eduardo Nery 2023

Da 02 mar, 2023 a 02 set, 2023

Open until the 2nd of September, this exhibition is an evocation of the memory and artistic legacy of Eduardo Nery.

Uma espécie de pacto de silêncio

Da 05 mar, 2023 a 28 mag, 2023

A kind of pact of silence | The Centro Cultural de Cascais shows brand new Portuguese contemporary art in “Uma espécie de pacto de silêncio” by the young artist Sebastião Castelo Lopes.