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Bordalo em Trânsito

Da 09 lug, 2021 a 09 giu, 2024

We invite you to take a journey through the artist's work, in an essay that revisits his chosen themes and offers a plural and informed reading of Bordalo Pinheiro's talent, creativity and remarkable capacity for work.

Painting in Motion

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2025

The first immersive exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the work of the artist Vieira da Silva, a unique and innovative sensory experience that combines the work of art with moving image and sound.

Museu Banksy Lisbon

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2027
Da €8 a €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.

Japan: Festivities and Traditions

Da 18 mag, 2023 a 31 dic, 2024
Da €6

Japão: Festas e Tradições | The celebration of the New Year, the Boys and Girls Parties, the purification, protection and funerary rites, as well as the fertility cults, are some of the festivities and rituals of Japan.

Treasures in the palm of the hand

Da 29 set, 2023 a 01 set, 2024

The pieces on display in this exhibition, a total of approximately 240, date from the 18th and 19th centuries, a collection of snuff bottles which were manufactured in China from the end of the 17th century.

Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, A couple in Life and Art

Da 09 gen, 2024 a 02 giu, 2024

Under the sign of creative freedom, the Museum Collection shows the works of the artist couple side by side.

These Side and Beyond Abstraction | Vieira da Silva

Da 08 feb, 2024 a 02 giu, 2024
Da €4 a €7.5

The exhibition ‘These Side and Beyond Abstraction’ reveals a series of figurative works that the artist produced during her early years in Paris.

Almada e Pessoa: Conversation between libraries

Da 02 mar, 2024 a 08 set, 2024
Da €2.5 a €5

The exhibition ‘Almada e Pessoa: Conversation between libraries’ reveals the artistic relationship between Fernando Pessoa and Almada Negreiros through their collections.

Visiting Artwork: Diego Velázquez

Da 12 apr, 2024 a 09 set, 2024
Da €10

Portrait of Philip IV - This work is one of the best representations of the close relationship forged between Philip IV and Velázquez.

Jewels for Democracy

Da 18 apr, 2024 a 30 giu, 2024
Da €7 a €12

Jewellery is a symbolic representation of power, be it monetary, spiritual or political.

Energy. Perpetual Motion.

Da 24 apr, 2024 a 07 ott, 2024
Da €11

In collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum, Energy. Perpetual Motion invites the public to discover archaeology and engineering. With objects of the MNA Collection and the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection.

Hoje Soube-me a Pouco

Da 24 apr, 2024 a 26 ago, 2024
Da €11

For the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April 1974 (the Carnation Revolution), Hoje soube-me a pouco brings together a group of artists and works that marked that period, as well as artists from more recent generations.

Light Everyhere II: the first Tejo Power Station

Da 24 apr, 2024 a 07 ott, 2024
Da €11

Light everywhere II is dedicated to the first Tejo Power Station and covers the time span from 1908–2024. The cycle Light everywhere takes as its title a quote from promotional material published between the 1920s and 1950s.

Três Moscas

Da 24 apr, 2024 a 01 lug, 2024
Da €11

Três Moscas [three flies] is conceived by four artists – André Maranha, Francisco Tropa, Jorge Queiroz, and Pedro Morais. It features sculptures, paintings, mirrors, and water, as well as a miniature stage of the Bonecos de Santo Aleixo.

Ah, Amália - Living Experience

Da 01 mag, 2024 a 31 dic, 2024
Da €15

An immersive biographical story dedicated to Amália. A journey of emotions hand in hand with one of the most inspiring women of all time. An experience that crosses all the senses and emotions - the sound, the visual, the virtual, the immersive and the unexpected. 

Lisbon Under Stars'24

Da 02 mag, 2024 a 13 lug, 2024
Da €20

Lisbon Under Stars will take you on an immersive journey through history that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers, visual effects and music.

Nosso Barco Tambor Terra

Da 02 mag, 2024 a 07 ott, 2024
Da €11

Ernesto Neto, one of Brazil's most international and well-known artists, presents an immersive installation that evokes the crossing of cultures. Nosso Barco Tambor Terra [our boat drum earth) is one of the largest sculptures he has made.

Procession: Praise and Sanctify

Da 02 mag, 2024 a 26 ago, 2024
Da €11

Procession: Praise and Sanctify is a partnership with Manicómio, an artistic creation with resident artists who have experienced or are experiencing mental illness. "Procession" is a journey into human, social and artistic dignity.

Commemorations of the 5th Centenary of Camões

Da 05 mag, 2024 a 10 giu, 2024

Series of events to commemorate the greatest exponent in the history of Portuguese literature and language - Luís de Camões!

Pilipili - Worlds on Fire

Da 15 mag, 2024 a 29 giu, 2024

On May 15th, between 5pm and 8pm, the exhibition "Pilipili - Worlds on Fire", by Beezy Bailey (b. 1962), with the participation of Stuart Dods (b. 1995), opens at the aPGn2 - a PiGeon too gallery in Alcântara.