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Design in São Bento - Traços da cultura portuguesa

Da 25 gen, 2020 a 06 gen, 2024

Contemporary interior design composed of portuguese design pieces | at Prime Minister's Official Residence, in Palacete de São Bento.

Bordalo em Trânsito

Da 09 lug, 2021 a 30 giu, 2024

We invite you to take a journey through the artist's work, in an essay that revisits his chosen themes and offers a plural and informed reading of Bordalo Pinheiro's talent, creativity and remarkable capacity for work.

Painting in Motion

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2025

The first immersive exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the work of the artist Vieira da Silva, a unique and innovative sensory experience that combines the work of art with moving image and sound.

Museu Banksy Lisbon

Da 24 giu, 2022 a 31 dic, 2027
Da €8 a €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.

Japan: Festivities and Traditions

Da 18 mag, 2023 a 31 dic, 2024
Da €6

Japão: Festas e Tradições | The celebration of the New Year, the Boys and Girls Parties, the purification, protection and funerary rites, as well as the fertility cults, are some of the festivities and rituals of Japan.

Vita Prima. Saint António in Portugal

Da 23 giu, 2023 a 31 dic, 2023
Da €3

Vita Prima. Santo António em Portugal is intended to be a journey through the life of the young Fernando de Bulhões.

Treasures in the palm of the hand

Da 29 set, 2023 a 03 mar, 2024

The pieces on display in this exhibition, a total of approximately 240, date from the 18th and 19th centuries, a collection of snuff bottles which were manufactured in China from the end of the 17th century.

Plug in - Joana Vasconcelos

Da 29 set, 2023 a 31 mar, 2024
Da €7

‘Plug-in’ is Joana Vasconcelos’ most recent exhibition, that occupies the MAAT Central and MAAT Gallery buildings and gathers unknown works, iconic pieces and works from the Fundação EDP Art Collection.

The Surrealist Castle of Mário Cesariny

Da 05 ott, 2023 a 19 feb, 2024
Da €11

‘O Castelo Surrealista de Mário Cesariny’ is an exhibition that celebrates the centenary of the most important figure in Portuguese surrealism.

Paulo Lisboa – Cycloptic

Da 05 ott, 2023 a 12 feb, 2024

Cycloptic, a solo exhibition by Portuguese artist Paulo Lisboa, includes an installation and several drawings mostly conceived during the last year.

Family Album

Da 05 ott, 2023 a 04 gen, 2024

The exhibition Family Album brings together works from the Carmona e Costa Foundation Collection, Portugal's largest private collection, which will be presented to the public and critics for the first time.

Far from Sight

Da 06 ott, 2023 a 28 apr, 2024
Da €3

Manuel Teixeira Gomes, between Lisbon and Bougie. It's a biographical exhibition, which opens on the 100th anniversary of Teixeira Gomes' inauguration as President of the Republic, emphasises his collecting and long self-exile. 

Other recent examples - Alejandro Cesarco

Da 14 ott, 2023 a 14 gen, 2024

This is his most extensive work in an ongoing series of indexes created by the artist and is an evolutionary guide to his interests, readings and activities, developing like a self-portrait that evolves over time.

Fantasma Gaiata - CGD contemporary art collection

Da 14 ott, 2023 a 28 gen, 2024

14 OCT 2023 - 28 JAN 2024 | To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Culturgest, we open our galleries and invite the public to rediscover the collection.

Living in Lisbon

Da 17 ott, 2023 a 28 apr, 2024

The exhibition Living in Lisbon seeks to present some of the most charismatic architectural housing strategies undertaken in the Portuguese capital over the past 50 years.

Beneath and Above

Da 25 ott, 2023 a 10 mar, 2024
Da €3

Beneath and above. Paintings by Brahona Possollo at the Roman Theatre is the new exhibition at the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre.

Or the continuous drawing

Da 28 ott, 2023 a 24 mar, 2024

Drawings from the Teixeira de Freitas Collection, a selection of contemporary drawings by more than 50 artists.

Berlinde de Bruyckere

Da 28 ott, 2023 a 10 mar, 2024
Da €5

The Belgium artist Berlinde de Bruyckere is exhibiting for the first time in a museum in Portugal a showing specifically designed for the opening of the Contemporary Art Museum of the Centro Cultural de Belém.

David de Almeida Archive

Da 02 nov, 2023 a 31 dic, 2023

The exhibition presents a selection of documents from the archive of this artist who distinguished himself in the fields of engraving and lithography.

Porfírio Pardal Monteiro – Life and Work | Exhibition

Da 03 nov, 2023 a 07 gen, 2024

This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey of discovery about the man and architect, presenting a panoramic view of his work and his life and passion.