Festival Causa | Efeito - O Novo jazz na Nova

A new Jazz festival has arrived in Lisbon.

As part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Universidade Nova, the institution organized a four-day event with 13 concerts, four of which are world premieres and five are novelties in the national territory.

The programming was in charge of Pedro Costa (Clean Feed Records) and is oriented to think about the current state of this musical style, from the female presence to improvisation with unlikely instruments, passing through the redefinition of paradigms.

The festival, designed with the function of diagnosing the paths of new jazz, brings together artists such as Susana Santos Silva and Carlos Bica, João Barradas and Hugo Carvalhais on stage, also highlighting the presentation of the tap-dancing project, unique in the world and debuting in Portugal, "" One Small Step”.


28th June; from 5:30 pm; 29th June; from 7 pm; 30th June; from 6 pm; 1st July; from 4 pm
Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Campus de Campolide (buses: 61B, 202, 701,758,771).
ickets: vary depending on the concert.
More information at: causaefeito.unl.pt

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  • Reitoria da Universidade Nova de LisboaCampus da Universidade Nova de Lisboa1099-085Lisboa
  • Da 28 giu, 2023 a 01 lug, 2023