VOQIN´ Experiences & Events

Voqin’ Experiences & Events is a local events agency that delivers fantastic events with great ideas, skills and know-how in Portugal.

Since 2002, Voqin’ Experiences & Events have been delivering award winning solutions.

Our team of multilingual specialists delivering tailored event and incentive travel programs with passion and care through the entire process with innovative ideas and expert organization, helping to deliver winning events in Portugal.

The company, which started in 2002, is privately owned and employs 50 people in 3 countries. It has sales offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Benelux and Brazil which support a global client base.

The company handles around 200 events per year, totaling around 25.000 delegates and attendees.

We bring creative thinking, problem solving, meticulous planning, clear communications and the seamless onsite delivery of your events in Portugal, through skilled professionals.

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