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More than 13 kilometres of excellent beaches wait to receive those who love the sun and the sea. The statue of the Santuário do Cristo-Rei, one of the most emblematic monuments of the 20th century, can be found in Almada.

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The Municipal Council of Cascais is the executive body of the municipality and its mission is to define and execute policies that promote the development of the Municipality of Cascais.

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Der Lissabon-Rathaus ist das Exekutivorgan der Gemeinde und ihrer Mission Politik zu definieren und umzusetzen, die Entwicklung zu fördern.

The municipality of Sesimbra is located on the peninsula of Setúbal and integrates the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

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Sintra, Património Mundial da Humanidade na categoria de Paisagem Cultural, apresenta-se como um destino tradicionalmente cultural, aliando harmoniosamente o património natural e o edificado.