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Feira da Ladra

Ab 02 Jan, 2024 bis 31 Dez, 2025

[ dienstags und samstags ] Entdecken Sie auf dem bekanntesten Lissabonner Markt, dem "Markt der Diebin" (Flohmarkt), wahre Schätze. Hier finden Sie Originelles, Kitschiges und Vintage.

Lissabon Festen

Ab 24 Mai, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024

Lisboa ist zu Beginn des Sommers ein einziges Fest – Vorwand sind die Feierlichkeiten zu Ehren der Volksheiligen.

Arraial dos Navegantes

Ab 30 Mai, 2024 bis 02 Jun, 2024

The “Arraial dos Navegantes” offers something different, providing a large space for family and neighbourhood socialising, open to both the local community and visitors.

Popular Marches | MEO Arena'24

Ab 31 Mai, 2024 bis 02 Jun, 2024
Ab €6

[ 31-05-24 | 02-06-24 ] Tradition, music, dance, colour, entertainment, creativity and emotion are just some of the words that can be used to describe the popular marches…

Arraiais Populares - Lisboa on the Street

Ab 01 Jun, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024

In June the city’s neighbourhoods are invaded with the aroma of grilled sardines, peppers and manjerico that is so typical of the Santos Populares celebrations.

Trezena to Saint Anthony

Juni 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

[ June ] Series of prayers, concerts and other events, each one different but all to Saint Anthony.

St. Anthony's night - 12/13th June

Ab 12 Jun, 2024 bis 13 Jun, 2024

[ 12 > 13 June ] Lisboa will be buzzing with light, colour and music in a state of permanent street partying to commemorate the Popular Saints.

Weddings of Saint Anthony

12 Jun, 2024

[ 12/06 ] The celebration of love also has a place in the Lisboa festivities, through the weddings of Saint Anthony, tradition dating from 1958.

Popular Marches - Av. Liberdade

13 Jun, 2024

Each year on the evening of the 12th June, the different city neighbourhoods descend the most iconic avenue.

Procession of Saint Anthony

13 Jun, 2024

[ 13th June ] The Procession of Saint Anthony, which dates from the 16th century, is now one of the oldest and most popular in the city.

Changing the Guard

16 Jun, 2024

[ 3rd Sunday of the month ] At the National Palace of Belém, considered as one of the most beautiful military ceremonies of its kind in the world.

Sumol Summer Fest'24

Juli 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

Music. Surf. Beach. Friends! National and international music are once again the starting point to celebrate the beach, the summer and friends.

Festival Estoril Lisboa'24

Juli 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

FESTIVAL AND HERITAGE - from symphonic music, traditional music and recitals in several monuments and theatres.

European Heritage Days

September 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

[ September ] The Heritage Days are an opportunity to re-familiarise ourselves with the past and to help shape the future.

Festival Amadora BD'24

Oktober 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

[ Oktober ] Für Comic-Freunde findet in Amadora dieses internationale Festival statt, bei dem sich Leute, die in diesem Bereich arbeiten und Autoren unterschiedlicher Nationalitäten mit dem Publikum treffen.