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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

Ab 11 Jan, 2020 bis 11 Jan, 2023
Ab €13 bis €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

Amália Rodrigues - Centenary of its Birth

Ab 01 Jul, 2020 bis 30 Jun, 2021

The celebration of the Centenary of his Birth in 2020 and 2021 will be a unique occasion for us to gain a clearer awareness of the importance of Amália Rodrigues in the contemporary cultural scene.

Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival'20

Ab 13 Nov, 2020 bis 25 Nov, 2020

[ November'20 ] Great artists, filmmakers, actors, writers and intellectuals meet once again for the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival.

Web Summit Lisboa'20

Ab 02 Dez, 2020 bis 04 Dez, 2020

[ December'20 ] Lisboa will host the Web Summit, one of the most important technology, entrepreneurship and innovation conferences in Europe.

Doclisboa '20 - Internationales Filmfestival

Ab 03 Dez, 2020 bis 09 Dez, 2020
Ab €4.5

Das einzige portugiesische, wettbewerbliche Festival, das sich einzig Dokumentationsfilmen widmet.

Corrida São Silvestre de Lisboa'20

28 Dez, 2020

[ 28-12-20 ] Nach dem ausgiebigen Genuss der Weihnachtsleckereien können Sie die übermäßigen Kalorien beim berühmten Silvesterlauf am 29. Dezember wieder abtrainieren.

New Year in Lisboa'20/21

Ab 31 Dez, 2020 bis 01 Jan, 2021

[ 31-12-20 | 01-01-21 ] Lisboa will welcome 2021 with music, entertainment and a big party, in one of the city’s most iconic squares - Terreiro do Paço, in what promises to be an unforgettable night.

Carnaval de Loures'21

Ab 13 Fev, 2021 bis 17 Fev, 2021
Ab €3 bis €3

[ 13-02-21 | 17-02-21 ] The biggest event in town takes to the streets for another great year of carnival. As tradition dictates, the festivities will commence with the Ball and Coronation of Kings.

Carnaval de Sesimbra'21

Ab 16 Fev, 2021 bis 17 Fev, 2021

[ 13-02-18 | 13-02-18 ] Tanzveranstaltungen, Wettbewerbe, Samba und viel Trubel, das sind die explosiven Zutaten zu dieser Karnevalsveranstaltung.

Monstra - Lisboa Animation Film Festival'21

März 2021 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

Monstra is back in Lisboa with around 550 entries, ranging from feature-length through short to very short films.

BTL - Lissabon Reisemarkt'21

Ab 03 Mär, 2021 bis 07 Mär, 2021

Lissabonner Tourismus-Messe. Im FIL Ausstellungszentrum des Parks der Nationen.

Lisbon Half Marathon'21

14 Mär, 2021

[ March ] One of the most important athletic events in Lisbon, the course reaches its pinnacle with the crossing of the Bridge 25th of April.

Italian Film Festival|2021

April 2021 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

[ April ] 8 ½ Italian Film Festival is the leading festival in Portugal for those who are passionate about the italian films and culture.

Dia Internacional dos Monumentos e Sítios '21

18 Apr, 2021

[ 18-04-21 ] “Heritage for Generations” is the 2018 theme for International Day for Monuments and Sites.

Millennium Estoril Open'21

Ab 24 Apr, 2021 bis 02 Mai, 2021

[ April/May ] The young stars of world tennis will play their very best at the 2021 edition of Millennium Estoril Open.

Festival of the Iberian Mask'21

Ab 01 Mai, 2021 bis 30 Mai, 2021

[ May ] Every year this great cultural spectacle brings together the Spanish and Portuguese regions for the city of Lisboa to marvel at the richness of its cultural and artistic history.

FIMFA - International Festival of Puppets and Animated Forms'21

Ab 01 Mai, 2021 bis 31 Mai, 2021

[ May ] Marionettes and animated forms from all over the world descend on the capital.


Mai 2021 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

[ May ] The IndieLisboa festival offers more than 250 films for us to discover over 12 days ... a celebration of independent cinema!

Lisbon Half Marathon'21

09 Mai, 2021

[ May ] One of the most important athletic events in Lisbon, the course reaches its pinnacle with the crossing of the Bridge 25th of April.

Arco Lisboa - International Contemporary Art Fair'21

Ab 13 Mai, 2021 bis 16 Mai, 2021

The ARCOlisboa International Contemporary Art Fair returns with a selection of galleries and a commitment to Portuguese art and its connections to the international scene.