Santa Casa Alfama Festival

Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, fado is part of Portuguese culture, and is at the root of this festival.

A number of venues in the Alfama will be transformed into concert halls to welcome some new and established Portuguese fado artists.

On the next 29th and 30th of September, Alfama will be even more filled with fado for the Festival that has already won the hearts of the public.

The various stages of the Santa Casa Alfama Festival are spread around the neighborhood, creating the feeling that fado can happen in any alley or square... challenging the public to touch the Portuguese soul, wandering through a neighborhood full of stories of fado and fadistas (fado singers).

With a careful and demanding musical selection, giving space to renowned voices and also to those who guarantee the future of the genre, Santa Casa Alfama is also a Festival with memory and this year honors one of the greatest figures of Portuguese popular culture, Hermínia Silva.



29th september 30th September
• Camané
• Lenita Gentil
• Concerto de homenagem a Hermínia Silva com as vozes de Anabela, FF, Filipa Cardoso e Lenita Gentil, Teresinha Landeiro, Beatriz Felício & Geadas, Peu Madureira, Júlio Resende, Luís Caeiro, Pedro Galveias, Maria Amélia Proença
• Pedro Moutinho
• Edu Miranda com "Fado no Chorinho"
• Artur Batalha, Fadistas do Porto cantam Hermínia Silva, por Ana Pinhal, Cátia de Oliveira e Adriana Paquete



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