Tripwix luxury home rentals

Tripwix luxury home rentals - selected, inspected, and personally hosted homes for discerning owners and guests throughout Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Barbados and Mexico.

Tripwix luxury home rentals cater to discerning owners and travellers. Tripwix is a Portuguese company based in Lisbon with destinations throughout Portugal and the world, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Caribbean and Mexico.

Tripwix has been serving a niche a high-end market with 100% personalized services for more than 12 years.

In an unregulated marketplace that has become like the wild west (inconsistent villa standards, double bookings, and amateur inspections) Tripwix selects the best homes in each destination and sends in a team of professional interior designers to check each property for quality, comfort, and cleanliness to luxury level standards.

Tripwix remains firm in its commitment to uphold the principles and ethics of the luxury rental industry. That means a professional, bespoke service with an unwavering human touch.

In turn, Tripwix has provided old school guarantees to thousands of satisfied guests and homeowners, inspiring loyalty among the luxury agencies and industry partners it works with.  

On the ground in each destination, guests and homeowners alike receive VIP treatment from a local Tripwix ambassador with deep roots in the community.

Ambassadors become the friend-of-the-friend, on hand 24/7 to ensure guest safety and well-being as well as to deliver those toe-tingling authentic experiences only locals know. Tripwix Ambassadors go that extra mile with a professional human touch.


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