Casino Lisboa

Welcome to Casino Lisboa, a surprising and avant-garde space that will surely exceed your expectations.

Inaugurated on April 19, 2006, the Casino Lisboa is located near the Tagus River, in Lisbon's modern Parque das Nações. Integrated in an emerging tourist center, and served by four nearby hotels, the Casino is surrounded by a vast array of services and entertainment infrastructures, while enjoying a privileged location. Casino Lisboa occupies the pavillion formerly occuped by Expo 98's Pavilhão do Futuro (Future Pavillion), bolstering a refined, yet minimalist architecture. Inside, opal floors and glass walls merge with alluring solutions powered by the latest in multimedia hardware. The Oceanos Auditorium, with its demanding and considered programme of events, has become a model performance hall in the Portuguese cultural landscape. This avant-garde auditorium is equipped with the latest technology, has 643 person seating capacity and a removable backdrop which provides spectators with a panoramic view of the casino´s other spaces. Casino Lisboa - where steel, glass and light work as containers, and where entertainment, gambling, gastronomy and culture are joined together; where every visit becomes a unique experience.

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