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The Magical World of Jack - A musical adventure

Ab 21 Okt, 2023 bis 24 Jun, 2024
Ab €12 bis €15

Tabart's tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" will reference an oral tradition story, becoming the basis for all the retellings that have emerged in many varied versions since. This is our version: 'THE MAGICAL WORLD OF JACK' - A musical adventure.


Ab 27 Apr, 2024 bis 28 Apr, 2024
Ab €10

Dance | ‘Mono-no-aware’ is a Japanese expression that translates as ‘pathos of things’ and can be interpreted as ‘an empathy with things’ or ‘a special sensitivity to ephemeral things’.

Madame Butterfly

Ab 08 Mai, 2024 bis 09 Mai, 2024

In the year that marks the centenary of the death of the Italian composer Giancomo Puccini and 120 years since the premiere of one of his most emblematic works, Madame Butterfly is once again on stage in Lisboa.

FIMFA - International Festival of Puppets and Animated Forms'24

Ab 09 Mai, 2024 bis 02 Jun, 2024

[ May ] Marionettes and animated forms from all over the world descend on the capital.

FATAL - Lisbon Academic Theater Festival

Ab 16 Mai, 2024 bis 25 Mai, 2024

The Festival continues to be a space for free artistic expression, several shows will be presented by Academic Theatre groups from various parts of the country.

Operafest Lisboa'24

Ab 22 Jul, 2024 bis 11 Sep, 2024

5th Edition of Operafest Lisboa doubles audience number with exciting opera for everyone under the moto “Basic Instinct” 

Festival TODOS

September 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

The TODOS festival seeks to “in-neighbour the world”, maintaining its mission to be a meeting point for all!

Alkantara Festival

November 2024 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

The Alkantara Festival presents an international programme of theatre, dance and other performing arts. And talks about the artistic practices in contemporary society.