The Magical World of Jack - A musical adventure

Tabart's tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" will reference an oral tradition story, becoming the basis for all the retellings that have emerged in many varied versions since. This is our version: 'THE MAGICAL WORLD OF JACK' - A musical adventure.

Jack is determined to do everything possible to help his humble village.

Driven by an incredible conviction that there is a better world on the other side of the river, he embarks on a lively journey where, to his mother's great despair, he trades the precious cow, Branquinha, for beans that he believes to be magical.

After they are thrown into the ground, they sprout into a huge beanstalk that grows and reaches the heights.

With the unknown ahead, the adventurous Jack, with unwavering courage and immense determination, decides to climb the magnificent and giant beanstalk to discover a magical world above the clouds inhabited by extravagant creatures.


Teatro Armando Cortez/ Casa do Artista
21 OCT'23 >>> 24 JUN'24
Tuesday to Friday at 11am and 2:30pm.
Saturday and sunday at 3pm

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  • Teatro Armando CortezEstrada da Pontinha, 71600-582Lisboa
  • Ab 21 Okt, 2023 bis 24 Jun, 2024
  • Ab €12 bis €15