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Fado in Chiado

Ab 01 Jan, 2024 bis 31 Dez, 2024
Ab €21

“Fado in Chiado” ist ein Live-Fado-Konzert – eine wunderbare Art, die Kultur und die Stadt Lissabon kennen zu lernen.

Lisbon Under Stars'24

Ab 02 Mai, 2024 bis 15 Jul, 2024
Ab €20

Lisbon Under Stars will take you on an immersive journey through history that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers, visual effects and music.

Somersby Out Jazz

Ab 05 Mai, 2024 bis 29 Sep, 2024

[ May > September ] Sunday afternoons will again be filled with the sound of jazz, with a little funk and soul, easy entertainment among friends and a good atmosphere.

Fado in Amália’s Garden

Ab 01 Jun, 2024 bis 29 Jun, 2024
Ab €20 bis €25

Intimate concerts are back in the garden of the Casa-Museu Amália Rodrigues.

Music at Quinta da Regaleira

Ab 02 Jun, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024
Ab €12

On Sunday afternoons throughout the month of June, classical music joins the unavoidable cultural landscape of Sintra in one of the most surprising monuments, Quinta da Regaleira.

Festival Estoril Lisboa'24

Ab 21 Jun, 2024 bis 20 Jul, 2024

FESTIVAL AND HERITAGE - from symphonic music, traditional music and recitals in several monuments and theatres.

Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival

Ab 23 Jun, 2024 bis 01 Sep, 2024

The Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival returns to Oeiras and brings with it the art and culture of the world!

Marc Anthony

26 Jun, 2024
Ab €55 bis €160

Puerto Rican Marc Anthony makes his debut in Portugal for an unforgettable experience.

Anna Joyce – 10 Years Career (Casino do Estoril)

27 Jun, 2024
Ab €30 bis €50

Anna Joyce is back in Portugal and the reception couldn't be better. The first show announced for June 29, at the Coliseu dos Recreios, is practically sold out, and two more concerts are now confirmed: June 27, at Casino Estoril.

LISB /ON # Jardim Sonoro'24

Ab 28 Jun, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024
Ab €45 bis €120

[ June ] For all music lovers who want to enjoy an urban and daytime experience with Lisboa as its stage and backdrop.

Fado in Setúbal

28 Jun, 2024

Setúbal will be the stage for several Fado shows, providing a free cultural moment for Fado lovers!

Festival de Jazz Bernardo Sassetti

Ab 28 Jun, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024

The Bernardo Sassetti Jazz Festival is a festival that aims to act on behalf of the artist and to highlight the work left by Bernardo Sassetti.

Anna Joyce – 10 Years Career

29 Jun, 2024
Ab €25 bis €45

With new songs in her baggage and a lot of desire to return to Portugal, Anna Joyce, the Angolan artist who currently enjoys greater popularity, returns to the stage of the Coliseu dos Recreios, to celebrate 10 years of career.

Evil Live Festival

Ab 29 Jun, 2024 bis 30 Jun, 2024
Ab €65 bis €115

On the 29th and 30th of June 2024, EVIL LIVE FESTIVAL takes to the MEO Arena, in Lisbon, a multi-genre lineup within heavy music.

Tony Carreira

29 Jun, 2024

Festas de Lisboa - Closing event | Tony Carreira will bring some of his greatest hits to the Festas de Lisboa, at a special concert featuring guest artists and a 16-string orchestra.

Richie Campbell

30 Jun, 2024

Festas de Lisboa - Closing event | Richie Campbell will perform a show created for and by Lisbon, bringing together various guests on stage.

Festival Jardins do Marquês - Oeiras Valley

Ab 04 Jul, 2024 bis 10 Jul, 2024
Ab €25 bis €70

A sophisticated Music Festival experience, designed to awaken all the senses, in an iconic space, aimed at an audience that favors quality and comfort and seeks new experiences!

Sumol Summer Fest'24

Ab 05 Jul, 2024 bis 06 Jul, 2024

Music. Surf. Beach. Friends! National and international music are once again the starting point to celebrate the beach, the summer and friends.


Ab 09 Jul, 2024 bis 31 Jul, 2024
Ab €25 bis €75

[ Juli ] COOLJAZZ ist ein musikalisches Referenzereignis, das Musik, Natur, Komfort und Erbe im Hipódromo Manuel Possolo in Cascais zusammenbringt.

NOS Alive'24

Ab 11 Jul, 2024 bis 13 Jul, 2024
Ab €79 bis €190

Das Beste Line-up. Immer! Kehrt zum Passeio Marítimo de Algés zurück, für die 16. Ausgabe von NOS Alive.