Port of Lisbon Authority

With an outstanding geographical location, Lisbon is an important shelter for all types of boats, and port of call for cruise ships in the Atlantic, Western Mediterranean, Northern Europe, North Africa as well as for transatlantic cruises.

Located on the banks of the Tagus estuary, port of Lisbon has in its history a long tradition in the cruise and yachting markets.

In fact, the port of Lisbon welcomes all kinds of cruise ships. Besides the magnificent natral conditions, the cruise ships that berth in Lisbon have at their disposal four passenger terminals located in the city center, equipped with the modern safety equipment and offering a variety of services.

The mild climate, the diversity of tourist sites, good international air lift and variety of hotel supply are some of the factors that make Lisbon a privileged destination. The Marina de Lisboa hosts approximately 1.000 vessels in its four recreational docks – Alcântara, Santo Amaro, Belém and Bom Sucesso – offering its visitors a wide range of services, which also benefit the existing supply in a big city.

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