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Lisbon knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s a saint, a traditional food or its love for art. Join this all year festive spirit, embrace the region culture in the typical festivities and cheer for your favorite athletes in internationally renowned sports competitions. Or, listen to famous musicians in festivals that attract people from all over the world.

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Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Lisbon was awarded the title of European Green Capital 2020. This is the recognition of the work that Lisbon has been developing over the last decade towards a greener and people-friendly city.

Carnaval de Loures'20

From 22 Feb, 2020 to 26 Feb, 2020
From €3 to €3

[ 22-02-20 | 26-02-20 ] The biggest event in town takes to the streets for another great year of carnival. As tradition dictates, the festivities will commence with the Ball and Coronation of Kings.

Álvaro Pirez D'Évora

From 29 Nov, 2019 to 18 Mar, 2020
From €3 to €6

“A Portuguese painter in Italy on the eve of the Renaissance” is one of the major exhibitions of art at the start of this period to take place in Portugal.

Carnaval de Sesimbra'20

From 22 Feb, 2020 to 26 Feb, 2020

Dance, competitions and Samba... and plenty of high jinks are the explosive ingredients for this huge carnival party.