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Lisbon knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s a saint, a traditional food or its love for art. Join this all year festive spirit, embrace the region culture in the typical festivities and cheer for your favorite athletes in internationally renowned sports competitions. Or, listen to famous musicians in festivals that attract people from all over the world.

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BANKSY - Genius or Vandal?

[ 14-06-19 | 27-10-19 ] Banksy: Genius or Vandal? exhibition about the iconoclast that revolutionized contemporary art and which identity remains incognito.

EDP CoolJazz'19

[ 09-07-19 | 31-07-19 ] EDPCOOLJAZZ is a musical festival of reference that brings together music, nature and heritage.

Festival ao Largo'19

The Festival ao Largo returns to celebrate erudite art with music, theatre and ballet.

Jazz em Agosto'19

[ 01-08-19 | 11-08-19 ] Jazz em Agosto proposes a program that mirrors the multiples identities of contemporary jazz at the Open Air Amphitehatre of the Gulbenkian Foundation.