André Tours DMC

André Tours is an incoming agency DMC, working throughout Portugal and islands. We cater for all your needs, always bearing in mind comfort and quality, allowing you to discover the genuine Portugal.

André Tours was born in 1995 as an agency turned to Inbound Tourism, result of a 20 year experience in this business by some of its board members.

This was our work philosophy until the beginning of 2002. In March 2002 the company broadens its activities to the Outbound Tourism sector, by opening a second office in the Algarve.

André Tours becomes then IATA member and also increases its work in Inbound Tourism in the Algarve, which as a matter of fact was always a primary objective of the agency’s settlement in this region, by definition very important in Tourism.

The idea that presided the creation of André Tours and which prevails until today, is keeping with our clients and/or business partners a close relationship, meaning we try hard to handle all issues in a personal way, putting ours efforts into everything we do. It is this idea that transports us to the universe of services by measure «Taylor Made». This is the base of our Work.