Gago Coutinho. Traveler and Explorer

This exhibition reveals all the different aspects of Admiral Gago Coutinho, showing his inescapable character as a traveler and an explorer.

Carlos Viegas de Gago Coutinho was born in Lisbon in 1869.  He attended the Portuguese Naval College (1886-1889), and rapidly distinguished himself by his uprightness and cleverness.

Since his youth, Gago Coutinho had become interested in the study of warships, namely on the fields of wireless telegraphy, artillery, shipbuilding, magnetism, technical navigation problems, among others.

The first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic in 1922, alongside Sacadura Cabral, immortalized Gago Coutinho.

However, his lifetime was rather rich and multifaceted. It was a long life, integrating the different dimensions of Navy Officer, Geographer, Scientist, Aerial Navigator, and Historian as well as a link between peoples and civilizations.

All the different aspects of Admiral Gago Coutinho revealed his inescapable character as a traveler and an explorer, which this exhibition reveals to us.


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