Out Fest'22

OUT.FEST - International Exploratory Music Festival of Barreiro | Music and urban culture come together in symbiosis with nature, creating a unique and differentiating environment.

OUT.FEST again temporarily brings music and shows to several venues in the city of Barreiro.

The line-up will be the biggest in the history of the festival; besides the 30 confirmed artists, the sound installation 'A Segunda Natureza' ('Second Nature') will also be presented.

A show at the historical locomotive workshop of the company Comboios de Portugal is scheduled for the opening of the festival.

Over the several days, we can also count on two after parties and several concerts covering different genres and times.

Some national premieres are joined by jazz flautist Nicole Mitchell, the duo Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe, pianist Eve Risser, the group Má Estrela, lead by saxophonist Pedro Alves Sousa, and also footwork pioneer RP Boo.


From 5th to 8th October
in several cultural venues in Barreiro
Boat from Lisboa at Cais do Sodré
from 8 to 15 euros. 

ADAO - Associação Desenvolvimento Artes e Ofícios
Biblioteca Municipal do Barreiro
Centro Comercial Sol-Pôr
Largo 1º de Maio
Gasoline - Associação Cultural e Desportiva
Sala 6
Oficinas CP Barreiro
SIRB "Os Penicheiros"



  • outfest.pt
  • From 05 Oct, 2022 to 08 Oct, 2022
  • From €8 to €15