From July to September, thousands of people of all ages and musical tastes will flock to Lisboa to attend concerts of their favourite singers and bands, hosted at the summer festivals.

These will feature Portuguese and international groups, established names and new talents of all styles of music: pop, rock, indie, electronic, classic, folk, among other sounds that can be heard at the various festivals.

Find out our suggestions:

Fado in Chiado

From 01 Jan, 2019 to 31 Dec, 2019

[ 01-01-19 | 31-12-19 ] Fado in Chiado is a live Fado Show an excellent way to discover culture and the city.

Brunch Electronik Lisboa

From 28 Jul, 2019 to 22 Sep, 2019
From €15 to €50

[ 28-07-19 | 22-09-19 ] Sundays are even hotter thanks to the Brunch Electronik, an open-air event offering great vibes to keep cool!

EDP CoolJazz'19

From 09 Jul, 2019 to 31 Jul, 2019
From €25 to €140

[ 09-07-19 | 31-07-19 ] EDPCOOLJAZZ is a musical festival of reference that brings together music, nature and heritage.

Jazz em Agosto

From 01 Aug, 2019 to 11 Aug, 2019
From €6 to €20

[ 01-08-19 | 11-08-19 ] The 36th edition of Jazz em Agosto seeks to challenge and to change to a fairer world.

LISB /ON # Jardim Sonoro'19

From 06 Sep, 2019 to 08 Sep, 2019
From €35 to €70

Lisboa is ON and will welcome yet another Sound Garden offering a special corner to see, hear and feel, combining heritage and music, tourism and culture, leisure and pleasure.

Festival Cantabile'19

From 21 Sep, 2019 to 27 Sep, 2019

The only Portuguese festival entirely dedicated to chamber music.

Somersby Out Jazz'19

From 05 May, 2019 to 29 Sep, 2019

[ May > September'19 ] Sunday afternoons will again be filled with the sound of jazz, with a little funk and soul, easy entertainment among friends and a good atmosphere.

Sumol Summer Fest'19

From 05 Jul, 2019 to 06 Jul, 2019

[ 05-07-2019 | 06-07-2019 ] By the world-renowned surf meca, music in a weekend full of surfing, skateboarding and friends.

NOS Alive

From 11 Jul, 2019 to 13 Jul, 2019
From €60 to €140

“The best line-up ever” is coming back to the Passeio Marítimo de Algés for the 14th edition of the NOS Alive festival.

Summer Nights'19

From 01 Aug, 2019 to 30 Aug, 2019

[ August'19 ] Music and hot August nights come together in another edition of “Summer Nights” at Chiado National Contemporary Art Museum’s Sculpture Garden.

Festival Santa Casa Alfama'19

From 27 Sep, 2019 to 28 Sep, 2019
From €15 to €25

Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, fado is part of Portuguese culture, and is at the root of this festival.

Festival Estoril Lisboa'19

From 05 Jul, 2019 to 27 Jul, 2019

Musical tradition and innovation come together for the 45th Festival Estoril Lisboa.

Super Bock Super Rock'19

From 18 Jul, 2019 to 20 Jul, 2019

[ 18-07-19 | 20-07-19 ] Super Bock Super Rock brings yearly a superb programme that includes new and internationally-renowned acts.

Classical Summer'19

From 28 Jul, 2019 to 06 Aug, 2019

The Festival VERÃO CLÁSSICO returns with daily concerts, including grand works from the repertoire of the 18th to 20th centuries.

Festas do Mar - Cascais '19

From 16 Aug, 2019 to 25 Aug, 2019

[ August ] The natural amphitheatre of Cascais Bay is a perfect setting for the Festas do Mar.

Nova Batida'19

From 13 Sep, 2019 to 15 Sep, 2019
From €25 to €70

Lisboa has a New Beat... 3 days of music, art and culture, in the heart of Lisbon.