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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

Desde 11 ene, 2020 a 11 ene, 2023
Desde €13 a €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

WATER – an unfiltered exhibition 

Desde 01 jun, 2021 a 30 sep, 2022
Desde €7 a €10

A future with water depends on each of us! This exhibition comes to life in the context of the International Decade for Action - Water for Sustainable Development.

Stories of an Empire

Desde 02 jul, 2021 a 02 oct, 2022
Desde €6

[ Museu do Oriente ] The Távora Sequeira Pinto collection documents the profound artistic connections between Portugal and the cultures of the Asian Empire.

Chinese Opera 

Desde 26 nov, 2021 a 31 ago, 2022
Desde €6

The Chinese Opera presents a comprehensive view of this unique performative genre in all its diversity and exuberance. On display are about 280 pieces such as costumes, paintings and musical instruments, as well as photographs and videos.

In Good Memory

Desde 18 dic, 2021 a 21 oct, 2022
Desde €5

With this exhibition entitled “In Good Memory,” devoted to Portraits, it's created an artistic dialogue, where current issues such as the search for identity or keeping an individual’s memory alive, are showcased.

Populated Landscapes

Desde 16 feb, 2022 a 28 ago, 2022
Desde €4.5

Narratives of the MNAC Collection (1855-1920) deals with the aesthetics of the landscape, in dialogue with the presence and human intervention in nature. 

Europa Oxalá

Desde 04 mar, 2022 a 22 ago, 2022
Desde €5

"Europa Oxalá" is a collective exhibition which counts on the participation of 21 artists with family origins in the former African colonies.


Desde 10 mar, 2022 a 22 oct, 2022
Desde €5

“Menez” highlights the exceptionality of the four-decade work of the artist Menez, one of the exponents of Portuguese art of the 20th century.

Traverser la Nuit | Antoine de Galbert

Desde 12 mar, 2022 a 29 ago, 2022
Desde €9

2022 France-Portugal Season | MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology presents a wide overview of Antoine de Galbert’s personal collection, in an exhibition entitled Traverser la Nuit.


Desde 30 mar, 2022 a 05 sep, 2022
Desde €9

In this exhibition, the maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology becomes a stage for timeless utopias and struggles, emerging tensions, stories told and yet to be told.

Visual Natures

Desde 30 mar, 2022 a 12 sep, 2022
Desde €9

Product of more than two years of critical investigations around climate science, creative practices and eco-politics, Visual Natures is a continuation of the journey started in 2021 with the data-driven installation Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary.

Prisma | VHILS

Desde 30 mar, 2022 a 05 sep, 2022
Desde €9

Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, presents to the public, at maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, a monumental and unexpected proposal transforming the Oval Gallery space into a convincing urban labyrinth!

Misterioso Egito

Desde 21 abr, 2022 a 25 sep, 2022
Desde €10 a €15

¿Listo para viajar por una de las culturas más enigmáticas de la historia de la humanidad? Diseño, luz y láser son los ingredientes de esta expedición audiovisual.

The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon

Desde 22 abr, 2022 a 11 dic, 2022
Desde €3

After 100 years of a historic pandemic and a world war, the Museum of Lisbon revisits the 1920s with the exhibition «The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon».

Rembrandt | self-portrait

Desde 29 abr, 2022 a 12 sep, 2022

In the 'Visiting Artwork' initiative, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum welcomes works of art from museums around the world.

Lisbon, worthy of note

Desde 05 may, 2022 a 31 ago, 2022

Metropolitano de Lisboa opens a new exhibition “Lisbon, worthy of note” by Natália Gromicho on May 5 in Baixa-Chiado

Viver a sua Vida | Georges Damier and Fashion

Desde 06 may, 2022 a 30 oct, 2022
Desde €4

Considering fashion and photography as a privileged means of reflection on time and memory, this exhibition presents the singular vision of the photographer in the context of Parisian haute couture in the 1950s.

Machado de Castro in Lisbon: The Laboratory of Sculpture

Desde 11 may, 2022 a 23 ene, 2023
Desde €3

This exhibition unfolds the complex story of the conception of the equestrian statue of King José and revisits the Machado de Castro's extensive artistic legacy. [ Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta ]

Abstracto, Branco, Tóxico e Volátil| Julião Sarmento

Desde 12 may, 2022 a 01 ene, 2023
Desde €5

Julião Sarmento, uno de los artistas portugueses con una carrera internacional más sólida, es dado a conocer o a revisitar en una primera gran exposición póstuma en el Museu Coleção Berardo.

Mare Ossos Tellus

Desde 14 may, 2022 a 08 oct, 2022
Desde €5

Teresa Segurado Pavão, artista y autora de las 25 piezas, presenta obras en arcilla blanca pura y con matices de vidrio transparente que integran huesos recogidos en el campo y en la playa y fijados en algunas piezas con elementos de plata.