37 ergebnisse

Bordalo em Trânsito

Ab 09 Jul, 2021 bis 30 Jun, 2024

We invite you to take a journey through the artist's work, in an essay that revisits his chosen themes and offers a plural and informed reading of Bordalo Pinheiro's talent, creativity and remarkable capacity for work.

Painting in Motion

Ab 24 Jun, 2022 bis 31 Dez, 2025

The first immersive exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the work of the artist Vieira da Silva, a unique and innovative sensory experience that combines the work of art with moving image and sound.

Museu Banksy Lisbon

Ab 24 Jun, 2022 bis 31 Dez, 2027
Ab €8 bis €12

The Museu Banksy Lisbon arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.

Japan: Festivities and Traditions

Ab 18 Mai, 2023 bis 31 Dez, 2024
Ab €6

Japão: Festas e Tradições | The celebration of the New Year, the Boys and Girls Parties, the purification, protection and funerary rites, as well as the fertility cults, are some of the festivities and rituals of Japan.

Treasures in the palm of the hand

Ab 29 Sep, 2023 bis 01 Sep, 2024

The pieces on display in this exhibition, a total of approximately 240, date from the 18th and 19th centuries, a collection of snuff bottles which were manufactured in China from the end of the 17th century.

Far from Sight

Ab 06 Okt, 2023 bis 28 Apr, 2024
Ab €3

Manuel Teixeira Gomes, between Lisbon and Bougie. It's a biographical exhibition, which opens on the 100th anniversary of Teixeira Gomes' inauguration as President of the Republic, emphasises his collecting and long self-exile. 

Living in Lisbon

Ab 17 Okt, 2023 bis 28 Apr, 2024

The exhibition Living in Lisbon seeks to present some of the most charismatic architectural housing strategies undertaken in the Portuguese capital over the past 50 years.

History(ies) of Portugal in Cartoon: Augusto Cid

Ab 12 Nov, 2023 bis 28 Apr, 2024

The work of the talented and controversial Augusto Cid is on show at Casa Sommer, in Cascais. After the revolution on 25th April 1974, Augusto Cid reached his artistic peak using the image that would lead to reflection through caricature.

Gil Vicente

Ab 22 Nov, 2023 bis 28 Apr, 2024
Ab €5

Portugal and Spain in the Beginnings of European Theatre

The Patron saints of Lisbon

Ab 09 Jan, 2024 bis 12 Mai, 2024
Ab €3

The Museum of Lisbon - Santo António will continue to mark the 850th anniversary of the arrival of the relics of St Vincent in Lisbon, bringing together the two patron saints of the city – St Vincent and St Anthony.

Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, A couple in Life and Art

Ab 09 Jan, 2024 bis 02 Jun, 2024

Under the sign of creative freedom, the Museum Collection shows the works of the artist couple side by side.

Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt

Ab 25 Jan, 2024 bis 28 Apr, 2024
Ab €8.5 bis €15.9

In ‘Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt’, the public is invited to immerse themselves in the works of impressionists Claud Monet and Gustav Klimt.

Maria Lamas and Her Women

Ab 26 Jan, 2024 bis 28 Mai, 2024

An exhibition showing for the first time in Portugal the photographic work of Maria Lamas (1893–1983), journalist and writer, educator and researcher, translator and photographer, fighter for human and civil rights in times of dictatorship.

Dry Season Wind – Jarracharra

Ab 26 Jan, 2024 bis 05 Mai, 2024
Ab €8

Museu do Oriente | Dry Season Wind – Jarracharra exhibition, a powerful collection of textile art produced by indigenous women from the Maningrida region, in western Arnhem Land, Australia.

Two Faces Have I

Ab 29 Jan, 2024 bis 03 Mai, 2024

Two Faces Have I gathers works by Jana Euler, Sylvie Fanchon and Pati Hill to orbit films by Chris Langdon.

O tom do Pomar [INVASOR ABSTRACTO #7]

Ab 31 Jan, 2024 bis 26 Mai, 2024

In this «occupation» of the Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar, OSSO proposes to establish a set of vicinities between a selection of Pomar works. OSSO Associação Cultural is a collective that includes artists and researchers from different areas

Biodiversity that tells us History

Ab 01 Fev, 2024 bis 30 Apr, 2024
Ab €5

The exhibition ‘Biodiversidade que nos conta História’ by the Mar de Experiências collective is a way of highlighting coastal culture and raising environmental awareness.

Memory Perspectives

Ab 03 Fev, 2024 bis 04 Mai, 2024

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography is celebrating 50 years of History, Culture and Heritage. To mark the date, this exhibition brings together works by 15 authors from different artistic expressions, who reinterpret the Museum’s memory.

These Side and Beyond Abstraction | Vieira da Silva

Ab 08 Fev, 2024 bis 02 Jun, 2024
Ab €4 bis €7.5

The exhibition ‘These Side and Beyond Abstraction’ reveals a series of figurative works that the artist produced during her early years in Paris.

NOUS - Paulo Perdigão

Ab 23 Fev, 2024 bis 21 Apr, 2024
Ab €5

In the productive series ‘This page is a terrible idea’, Paulo Perdigão rethinks ideas and expresses them through oil painting in works that are now part of the ‘NOUS’ exhibition.