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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

Ab 11 Jan, 2020 bis 11 Jan, 2023
Ab €13 bis €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon

Ab 22 Apr, 2022 bis 11 Dez, 2022
Ab €3

After 100 years of a historic pandemic and a world war, the Museum of Lisbon revisits the 1920s with the exhibition «The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon».

Machado de Castro in Lisbon: The Laboratory of Sculpture

Ab 11 Mai, 2022 bis 23 Jan, 2023
Ab €3

This exhibition unfolds the complex story of the conception of the equestrian statue of King José and revisits the Machado de Castro's extensive artistic legacy. [ Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta ]

Abstract, White, Toxic and Volatile | Julião Sarmento

Ab 12 Mai, 2022 bis 01 Jan, 2023
Ab €5

Julião Sarmento, one of the Portuguese artists with a more solid international career, can be known or revisited in a first big posthumous exhibition, at Museu Coleção Berardo.

The World of Banksy

Ab 24 Jun, 2022 bis 31 Dez, 2022
Ab €8 bis €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.

Dos Pés à Cabeça (From Head to Toe)

Ab 25 Jun, 2022 bis 01 Dez, 2022

Dos Pés à Cabeça  (From Head to Toe) is an exhibition based on the representation of the body in various artistic media. A theme that has always inspired artists!

Imago Lisboa Photo Festival'22

Ab 09 Sep, 2022 bis 08 Jan, 2023

In 2022, the 4th edition of the IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival is centered around the idea of Disturbances.

Margaret Watkins – Black Light

Ab 24 Sep, 2022 bis 08 Jan, 2023
Ab €5

One of the most important photographers ever presents a selection of 136 vintage photographs and photomontages made between 1914 and 1939.

Triennale 2022

Ab 29 Sep, 2022 bis 05 Dez, 2022

[ Okt. / Dez. 2022 ] The 6th edition of the Lisboa Architecture Triennale returns to the Portuguese capital with the theme "Earth", exploring how new paradigms are changing our ways of place-making in a globalised Planet.


Ab 29 Sep, 2022 bis 12 Fev, 2023
Ab €6

The Architects Who Never Threw Anything Away. This exhibition examines contemporary architectural practices and artists reflecting upon the art of designing cycles.


Ab 30 Sep, 2022 bis 12 Dez, 2022
Ab €7

Works from the Itaú Cultural Collection

Maria Velez and Pedro Partidário

Ab 02 Okt, 2022 bis 29 Jan, 2023

The work of Maria Velez and Pedro Partidário in two unreleased retrospective exhibitions presented at the Centro Cultural de Cascais in an initiative by Fundação D. Luís I and the city hall of Cascais.


Ab 05 Okt, 2022 bis 06 Mär, 2023

This exhibition brings together for the first time a selection of works and prototypes, which range from drawings, to photographs, large-scale installations and objects.


Ab 08 Okt, 2022 bis 11 Dez, 2022

The Portuguese trash art artist, Bordalo II, who is known a bit all over the world for his large scale animal sculptures created with all kinds of urban waste, returns to Portugal for a national exhibition.

Living among what's left behind

Ab 16 Okt, 2022 bis 30 Dez, 2022

The Portuguese photojournalist, winner of two World Press Photo awards, Mário Cruz, reveals in “Living among what is left behind” the scenario of human survival among the garbage in the Pasig River, in the Philippines.

O Sopro da Cinza | António Faria

Ab 24 Okt, 2022 bis 31 Dez, 2022

Exhibition by Portuguese artist António Faria will be visitable from October 24th to December 31st at the Rectory building of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography

Ab 27 Okt, 2022 bis 31 Dez, 2022
Ab €15

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography is more than an exhibition; it is the combination of physical and digital environments which become an immersive and emotional journey through the life of one of the most influential artists of all time.

Windows of Portugal

Ab 30 Okt, 2022 bis 23 Jan, 2023

The Cascais Cultural Center receives photographs by Fernando de Sousa Carvalho, who recorded the windows he found on trips from north to south of Portugal over the years.

Large format

Ab 05 Nov, 2022 bis 02 Dez, 2022

This exhibition presents “Large format – paintings by Natália Gromicho”, with inauguration taking place on the 5th of November at 3 pm.

Histórias de todos os dias | Paula Rego, anos 70

Ab 06 Nov, 2022 bis 21 Mai, 2023

These are the “everyday stories”! During the 1969 and 1970's, Paula Rego began an illustrative process on childhood and family memories that was based on a psychological analysis of the relationships of “domination” that took different forms.