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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

From 11 Jan, 2020 to 11 Jan, 2023
From €13 to €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

WATER – an unfiltered exhibition 

From 01 Jun, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2022
From €7 to €10

A future with water depends on each of us! This exhibition comes to life in the context of the International Decade for Action - Water for Sustainable Development.

Stories of an Empire

From 02 Jul, 2021 to 02 Oct, 2022
From €6

[ Museu do Oriente ] The Távora Sequeira Pinto collection documents the profound artistic connections between Portugal and the cultures of the Asian Empire.

In Good Memory

From 18 Dec, 2021 to 21 Oct, 2022
From €5

With this exhibition entitled “In Good Memory,” devoted to Portraits, it's created an artistic dialogue, where current issues such as the search for identity or keeping an individual’s memory alive, are showcased.


From 10 Mar, 2022 to 22 Oct, 2022
From €5

“Menez” highlights the exceptionality of the four-decade work of the artist Menez, one of the exponents of Portuguese art of the 20th century.

The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon

From 22 Apr, 2022 to 11 Dec, 2022
From €3

After 100 years of a historic pandemic and a world war, the Museum of Lisbon revisits the 1920s with the exhibition «The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon».

Viver a sua Vida | Georges Damier and Fashion

From 06 May, 2022 to 30 Oct, 2022
From €4

Considering fashion and photography as a privileged means of reflection on time and memory, this exhibition presents the singular vision of the photographer in the context of Parisian haute couture in the 1950s.

Machado de Castro in Lisbon: The Laboratory of Sculpture

From 11 May, 2022 to 23 Jan, 2023
From €3

This exhibition unfolds the complex story of the conception of the equestrian statue of King José and revisits the Machado de Castro's extensive artistic legacy. [ Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta ]

Abstract, White, Toxic and Volatile | Julião Sarmento

From 12 May, 2022 to 01 Jan, 2023
From €5

Julião Sarmento, one of the Portuguese artists with a more solid international career, can be known or revisited in a first big posthumous exhibition, at Museu Coleção Berardo.

Mare Ossos Tellus

From 14 May, 2022 to 08 Oct, 2022
From €5

Teresa Segurado Pavão, the artist and author of the 25 pieces, presents works in pure white clay and with transparent glass details which integrate bones gathered in the field and on the beach.

Saint Anthony in the ceramics of Delfim Manuel

From 19 Jun, 2022 to 30 Oct, 2022
From €3

From the altar to the street | Saint Anthony in the ceramics of Delfim Manuel ... an exhibition to the saint from the city of Lisboa.

The World of Banksy

From 24 Jun, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2022
From €8 to €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.

Mattia Denisse

From 24 Jun, 2022 to 30 Oct, 2022
From €5

Mattia Denisse, writer and artist, presents a series of his works at Culturgest.

Dos Pés à Cabeça (From Head to Toe)

From 25 Jun, 2022 to 01 Dec, 2022

Dos Pés à Cabeça  (From Head to Toe) is an exhibition based on the representation of the body in various artistic media. A theme that has always inspired artists!

Take a seat... chair design in Portugal

From 01 Jul, 2022 to 31 Oct, 2022

A new cultural exhibition at Roca Lisboa Gallery, “Take a seat... Chair design in Portugal” that seeks to outline the historical journey of chair design in the national context.

Debaixo da Pele (Under the Skin)

From 07 Jul, 2022 to 06 Nov, 2022
From €5

Miguel Telles da Gama, author of the exhibition 'Debaixo da Pele', shows the visitors that, although (almost) everything has already been invented, there are still stories to be told.

Jorge Queiroz and Arshile Gorky. To Go To

From 08 Jul, 2022 to 17 Oct, 2022

The exhibition 'Jorge Queiroz and Arshile Gorky. To Go To' brings together drawings and paintings by Portuguese artist Jorge Queiroz and Armenian-American artist Arshile Gorky, both represented in the CAM Collection.

Self-portraits and other matters

From 09 Jul, 2022 to 23 Oct, 2022
From €5

Centro Cultural de Cascais, more exactly the Chapel space, receives a series of 25 drawings from the exhibition 'Autorretratos e outros assuntos', by the young artist Ricardo Marcelino.

20 years of euro in your pocket

From 14 Jul, 2022 to 30 Oct, 2022

Twenty years ago, the central banks of the euro area launched the biggest monetary transition in history: the use of a single currency, the Euro.

O Mundo vai continuar a não ser como era! | Exhibition

From 20 Jul, 2022 to 25 Nov, 2022

[ “The world will continue to not be the way it used to be!” ] ... 100 years of graphic design in the Carlos Rocha Collection [ 20 JUL — 25 NOV 2022 ] - Free Admission