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Bordalo em Trânsito

From 09 Jul, 2021 to 26 Nov, 2023

We invite you to take a journey through the artist's work, in an essay that revisits his chosen themes and offers a plural and informed reading of Bordalo Pinheiro's talent, creativity and remarkable capacity for work.

Painting in Motion

From 24 Jun, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2025

The first immersive exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the work of the artist Vieira da Silva, a unique and innovative sensory experience that combines the work of art with moving image and sound.

Museu Banksy Lisbon

From 24 Jun, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2023
From €8 to €12

The Museu Banksy Lisbon arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.


From 06 Oct, 2022 to 30 Jun, 2023

The new space, "Experimentation", presents iconic equipment and objects from the last 120 years released from the museum reserves.

Communications Workers, a history in black and white

From 07 Oct, 2022 to 30 Jun, 2023

The photographic exhibition "Communications Workers, a history in black and white" presents a journey into the daily life of postal and telecommunications employees in the first half of the 20th century.

Dinosaurs – The Return of the Giants

From 11 Nov, 2022 to 30 Sep, 2023

On an adventurous journey through the Mesozoic Era, we will meet not only many of the animals that first arrived in Portugal millions of years ago, but also some of the most charismatic dinosaurs of all time.

Miniature City - Model by fireman Luís Pereira de Carvalho

From 10 Feb, 2023 to 03 Sep, 2023
From €3

Over 26 years, Luís Caetano Pereira de Carvalho built the centre piece of the exhibition ‘Cidade-Miniatura’, which the museum team affectionately calls ‘the fireman’s model’.

The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay

From 11 Feb, 2023 to 30 Jun, 2023
From €3

This exhibition takes us behind the scenes of this 11-minute puppet film, a very popular Portuguese film that has already been presented at more than 100 international festivals and won a dozen awards.

Eduardo Nery 2023

From 02 Mar, 2023 to 02 Sep, 2023

Open until the 2nd of September, this exhibition is an evocation of the memory and artistic legacy of Eduardo Nery.

Out of the Frame. Bordalo and the origins of comics in Portugal

From 18 Mar, 2023 to 18 Jun, 2023

In ‘Fora do Quadrado.Bordalo e as origens da BD em Portugal’, the visitors observe a variety of games and graphic solutions, developed by the artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.

Plastic. Remaking Our World

From 22 Mar, 2023 to 28 Aug, 2023
From €6 to €9

The exhibition Plastic: Remaking Our World looks at a revolutionary and deeply controversial material that we refer to by the generic term “plastic”.

Luigi Ghirri. Open Work

From 28 Mar, 2023 to 04 Jun, 2023
From €5

Open Work’, by the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri (1943-1992), presents about eighty pictures taken in the last twelve years of his short career.

Archipelago Hervé Di Rosa

From 29 Mar, 2023 to 11 Sep, 2023
From €7

Archipelago Hervé Di Rosa is an invitation to explore and discover new worlds.

Your eyes in your pocket

From 31 Mar, 2023 to 18 Jun, 2023
From €1

The exhibition GUARDAR OS OLHOS NO BOLSO highlights the multiple connections between art and the written word and between contemporaneity and artistic production and by Júlio Pomar.

In Olympus With Drawing

From 04 Apr, 2023 to 25 Jun, 2023

Works by European Masters of the 16th to 18th centuries

Jorge Barradas in the Gardens of Europe

From 04 Apr, 2023 to 28 Aug, 2023
From €4.5

The exhibition ‘Jorge Barradas no Jardim da Europa’ represents an artistic journey through about 70 works of the Portuguese modernist.

On the Path of Oriental Fans

From 10 Apr, 2023 to 10 Sep, 2023
From €6

“Na Senda dos Leques Orientais” (On the Path of Oriental Fans) presents 180 pieces that trace the history, characteristics and uses of the Chinese fan in Europe from the 16th century onwards.

Boy at Work - Cosima von Bonin

From 15 Apr, 2023 to 23 Jul, 2023

Boy at Work is the first solo exhibition by Cosima von Bonin in Portugal.

Jorge Marçal da Silva - The Immersive Dimension

From 18 Apr, 2023 to 31 Aug, 2023

Jorge Marçal da Silva (1878-1929), surgeon and amateur photographer, took his first photograph on 12 August 1906 and this exhibition highlights his photographic production in terms of stereoscopy.

Gothic Barcelona

From 21 Apr, 2023 to 06 Aug, 2023

Barcelona Gótica | Works from the Diocesan Museum and the Cathedral of Barcelona