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The World of Banksy

From 24 Jun, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2023
From €8 to €12

A monumental exhibition arrives in Lisbon bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art.


From 29 Sep, 2022 to 12 Feb, 2023
From €6

The Architects Who Never Threw Anything Away. This exhibition examines contemporary architectural practices and artists reflecting upon the art of designing cycles.


From 05 Oct, 2022 to 06 Mar, 2023

This exhibition brings together for the first time a selection of works and prototypes, which range from drawings, to photographs, large-scale installations and objects.


From 06 Oct, 2022 to 30 Jun, 2023

The new space, "Experimentation", presents iconic equipment and objects from the last 120 years released from the museum reserves.

Communications Workers, a history in black and white

From 07 Oct, 2022 to 30 Jun, 2023

The photographic exhibition "Communications Workers, a history in black and white" presents a journey into the daily life of postal and telecommunications employees in the first half of the 20th century.

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography

From 27 Oct, 2022 to 09 Apr, 2023
From €15

Frida Kahlo, the Immersive Biography is more than an exhibition; it is the combination of physical and digital environments which become an immersive and emotional journey through the life of one of the most influential artists of all time.

Histórias de todos os dias | Paula Rego, anos 70

From 06 Nov, 2022 to 21 May, 2023

These are the “everyday stories”! During the 1969 and 1970's, Paula Rego began an illustrative process on childhood and family memories that was based on a psychological analysis of the relationships of “domination” that took different forms.

Paula Rego and Salette Tavares

From 06 Nov, 2022 to 21 May, 2023
From €5

Cartographies of Female Creativity in the 70s.

Dinosaurs – The Return of the Giants

From 11 Nov, 2022 to 30 Sep, 2023

On an adventurous journey through the Mesozoic Era, we will meet not only many of the animals that first arrived in Portugal millions of years ago, but also some of the most charismatic dinosaurs of all time.

No Teatro das Emoções

From 17 Nov, 2022 to 12 Feb, 2023

Exhibition “No Teatro das Emoções” by the artist José Emídio, it brings together works from painting, tapestry to ceramics, including six unpublished paintings.

Bosch: Contemporary Temptations

From 18 Nov, 2022 to 19 Mar, 2023
From €6

The Museum presents two contemporary perspectives on the Temptations of Saint Anthony in the Desert, which in Portugal is called Santo Antão.

As Máscaras do Corpo

From 24 Nov, 2022 to 10 Feb, 2023

The exhibition “As Máscaras do Corpo” brings together a group of artists from the gallery’s collection.

Pharaohs Superstars 

From 25 Nov, 2022 to 06 Mar, 2023

This exhibition offers a reflection on Pharaohs and their role as symbols of Ancient Egypt and icons of celebrity.

Personal and Precious

From 28 Nov, 2022 to 25 Mar, 2023

Chinese Mugs from the Sapientia Collection - it exhibits a collection of more than 300 porcelain mugs from China.

Revolution Xenakis

From 03 Dec, 2022 to 27 Mar, 2023

This exhibition, co-produced by the Paris Philharmonie, is part of the commemorations of the centenary of Iannis Xenakis at the Gulbenkian Foundation and highlights the architectures of sound that Xenakis created over the course of his career.

Not on the map?

From 04 Dec, 2022 to 12 Mar, 2023
From €3

The doors to the garden of Palácio Pimenta open to welcome the exhibition ‘Também estão no mapa?’, an opportunity to reflect on some territories of the Lisboa Metropolitan Area.

Sometimes I stare at a stone… Teresa Segurado Pavão and João Cutileiro at MNAA

From 05 Jan, 2023 to 31 Mar, 2023

From January 5 until March 31, 2023, the National Museum of Ancient Art and the João Cutileiro Art Center mark the date of the sculptor's death with an evocative exhibition.

Dear tear

From 21 Jan, 2023 to 21 Feb, 2023

The artist Inês Assis has chosen emotions as the aggregating concept for this exhibition. Composed of two cores, the exhibition is divided into an abstract construction and a figurative one, which main focus is the human face.

A Life on Stage - Peter Wächtler

From 21 Jan, 2023 to 16 Apr, 2023
From €5

The works by the German artist take us on a journey through a universe in which fantasy, fable and existentialism are allied in the creation of sets which explore a radical ambiguity.

Dorindo Carvalho, 1963-2023, 60 anos a desenhar e pintar

From 22 Jan, 2023 to 22 Apr, 2023

An exhibition dedicated to the work of the Portuguese painter and graphic designer Dorindo Carvalho (Lisbon, 1937). This exhibition brings together 68 works, including drawings, paintings and small sculptures.