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One of the best things about choosing Lisbon and its region for your holidays is the easy access it provides to stunning and enchanting nature. With unique plant and animal species and perfect locations at which to observe them, discover the various parks and nature reserves where you can swap part of your holidays in the city for contact with nature. But if you prefer adrenaline to the bucolic, there are also many activities to choose in and around Lisbon. Mountain biking in Sintra or down the steep alleyways of Alfama, abseiling through nature or flying over a concert or festival, there are many extreme sports options available in the capital.

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Delight in the contrast between the park’s geometric and perfectly aligned gardens and the exuberance of the Estufa Fria’s plants and elements.

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Come and watch birds in their natural habitat, explore the wild side of the Tagus, only at 30 minutes from Lisbon. Guided visits from 5€ to 12€ person.

Exquisite Trips was created to provide out of the box experiences while avoiding mass tourism, crowded places and the famous tourist traps.

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Grab a book or newspaper and take a seat in the Gulbenkian garden, a unique place with various ambiances that you should wander until finding the ideal spot for a rest.

Sesimbra is located in a huge bay facing south, the weather being predominantly north, it is very sheltered throughout the year allowing unique conditions for diving.