Lisbon Flavours

Bacalhau (salted codfish) is the king, but the grilled sardines rule during the Santos Populares. Who visits Lisbon can’t afford to miss the pastel de nata sprinkled with cinnamon. To drink nothing like the vast choice of Portuguese wines and the fruity sangria. And these are only some of the many excuses the city gives you to leave the diet behind.

Where to Eat & Drink

Restaurants & Cafes

Lisbon offers delicious menus for all tastes and diets. We help you to choose.

Bars & Nightlife

If you want to go out at night, you’ll find bars and nightclubs with live music, bands, DJs and even karaoke all around the region for a good time.


Grilled Sardines

A Lisbon icon, grilled sardines are eaten with bread and preferably during Lisbon’s city festivities. They taste great at any time, but especially during the Santos Populares (Popular Saints).

Fried Cuttlefish from Setúbal

A typical dish from the Lisbon region. Try fried cuttlefish on a trip to Setúbal, where this speciality was first invented and tastes best. It’s well worth the trip.

Salted Cod with Chickpeas

Discover one of the most popular dishes in Lisbon. Salted cod is king in this comforting and delicious delicacy served at almost every restaurant in the city.


Azeitão Cheese

Try this unique speciality from the Lisbon region. A cheese with a rich smell and flavour that is perfect as a starter before tasty Portuguese dishes.

Pastel de Nata

The "pastel de nata" is Lisbon’s best-known cake and best served hot, with powdered cinnamon and, preferably, in pairs. Try it in the city’s cafés and patisseries.

Convent-Style Desserts

Discover the secrets and flavours of Portugal’s typical conventual pastry, the famous Portuguese "doçaria conventual". Note down what you should try in every part of the Lisbon region.