Fado Route

Visit typical fado neighbourhoods and discover unforgettable places.

Fado in Chiado

Point of Interest

At this venue, located in one of the most charming zones in downtown Lisbon, you can enjoy an hour or so of live fado. In the intimate atmosphere with excellent acoustics, the experience will be one of the most memorable you can have while visiting the city.

Solar Vinho do Porto

Point of Interest

Housed in the 18th-century Palácio Ludovice, this luxury bar is a place where you can try different categories and types of port and Douro wine. There is a magnificent tasting room lined with tiles from the original building. In the evening, after a tour of the downtown area, this is a great spot to take a rest.

Páteo de Alfama


Housed in the Palácio da Senhora de Murça, near the cathedral, Páteo de Alfama follows the contours of the walls of Lisbon. It is built onto a section of the cerca velha, Lisbon’s first city walls constructed in the 5th century by the Romans, an archaeological treasure that gives it a very special charm. The menu consists of daily performances of fado and folklore.

Casa da Amália


This house, where Amália Rodrigues lived for 50 years, has been kept just as she left it. The idea is to give visitors an authentic experience so that they can gain an insight into her more private life and imagine what her evenings spent with friends and guitar playing must have been like. They also serve meals and snacks at the Amália Rodrigues House Museum and brunch on the terrace on Sundays.

O Timpanas


[ Closed ] Its website states: “If you have the spirit of a fado singer, even if you’re an amateur, you’ll sing it well... because you do it with love.” Which means that here, at this fado house in Alcântara, you can listen to both professionals and the amateurs who drop in whenever the mood takes them. Whatever the case, you’re guaranteed to hear fado in a genuine atmosphere.