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Almada Route

Lisbon through Almada´s eyes

A Brasileira in Chiado


This is one of the places Almada Negreiros frequented most often when in Lisbon and until 1971 two oil paintings by the artist were part of the decor. The first alluded to the debates that took place there, bringing together artists and intellectuals and which he so often joined. Entitled Autoretrato num Grupo [Self-portrait in a Group], this work dates from 1925 and shows him amongst friends. The other, from the same year, is called As Banhistas [The Bathers]. The paintings can no longer be seen in their original locations, but the artist will forever be associated with this iconic patisserie in Chiado.

Opening hours: Everyday from 8.00 am – 2.00 pm

Price: €50 for two people