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1882-Hi Lisbon Walking Tours
1882-Hi Lisbon Walking Tours
1882-Hi Lisbon Walking Tours
1882-Hi Lisbon Walking Tours
1882-Hi Lisbon Walking Tours

Tourism in Lisbon started booming in recently years and it seems everybody has their eyes to this incredible place. A city that keeps its tradition, authenticity and charm, is attracting more visitors every year.

With over 3000 years of History, Lisbon has a very rich history. From the Phoenicians, followed by Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors and finally the conquest of Lisbon by Afonso Henriques, all these civilizations left their influence around here. With the age of discoveries, it became a melting point with all kinds of people from every corner in the World.

With that in mind, Hi Lisbon Walking Tours was founded to provide tours with small groups for a better experience of the city and take you out of the beaten track to show the real Lisbon.

Our team of local guides are very knowledgeable, well informed, entertaining and free to give their touch according to the expectation of each group.

We are passionate about Lisbon and would like to share this love with you showing the best of it. Its diversity, the seven hills with their amazing view points, the unique architecture of the colourful buildings, the beauty of the streets built with Portuguese stones and their different patterns and the friendly Lisboners, cheerful and welcoming. We are sure after you visit this city, you will never forget it and the feeling of “saudade” will always be in your heart.

Come and join us on an incredible journey. We’ll make you visit unforgettable.

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