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Mediterranean Cultures CIOFF® Festival

September 2022 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

Cultural showcase of traditions and costums of the Mediterranean countries.

The poet who left us his soul – paintings by Natália Gromicho

Ab 03 Sep, 2022 bis 07 Okt, 2022

The exhibition “The poet who left us his soul – presents a passion for the poet Fernando Pessoa.

Imago Lisboa Photo Festival'22

Ab 09 Sep, 2022 bis 08 Jan, 2023

In 2022, the 4th edition of the IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival is centered around the idea of Disturbances.

Entre les Mondes

Ab 22 Sep, 2022 bis 08 Okt, 2022

Entre les Mondes brings 21 international artists to the conversation, drawing unexpected connections between emerging contemporary art, collectible design and NFT.

Margaret Watkins – Black Light

Ab 24 Sep, 2022 bis 08 Jan, 2023
Ab €5

One of the most important photographers ever presents a selection of 136 vintage photographs and photomontages made between 1914 and 1939.

O horizonte é o meio

Ab 24 Sep, 2022 bis 19 Nov, 2022

The collective exhibition presents six artists - Carla Rebelo, Dalila Gonçalves, Desali, Diogo Evangelista, Gonçalo Preto and Henrique Biatto – who through different media, explores the horizon as a mechanism of movement.

Triennale 2022

Ab 29 Sep, 2022 bis 05 Dez, 2022

[ Okt. / Dez. 2022 ] The 6th edition of the Lisboa Architecture Triennale returns to the Portuguese capital with the theme "Earth", exploring how new paradigms are changing our ways of place-making in a globalised Planet.

European Researchers Night

30 Sep, 2022

An event in which researchers from different fields, share experiences and knowledge with citizens of all ages, as well as with other researchers, investors and politicians.

Lisbon Open Studios'22

Ab 07 Okt, 2022 bis 09 Okt, 2022

The art studios of Lisbon get together artists and art lovers, connoisseurs, collecters, critics, people more or less within the intricacies of contemporary art, and all visitors.

Lisboa International Contemporary Exhibition - LICE'22

Ab 08 Okt, 2022 bis 14 Okt, 2022

This international exhibition presents a selection of artists from all over the world and from a wide variety of artistic expressions, such as Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Installation and some surprises...

Portugal Smart Cities Summit

Ab 11 Okt, 2022 bis 13 Okt, 2022
Ab €10

The 8th edition of the Portugal Smart Cities Summit will take place from the 11th to the 13th of October at FIL, Parque das Nações, it promotes Smart Cities that are increasingly attractive to invest, live and work.

Amadora International Comic Festival'22

Ab 20 Okt, 2022 bis 30 Okt, 2022

[ Oktober ] Für Comic-Freunde findet in Amadora dieses internationale Festival statt, bei dem sich Leute, die in diesem Bereich arbeiten und Autoren unterschiedlicher Nationalitäten mit dem Publikum treffen.

Drawing Room Lisboa'22

Ab 26 Okt, 2022 bis 30 Okt, 2022

Focusing on contemporary drawing and the medium of paper, Drawing Room Lisboa has invited several international galleries to present the most “significant, challenging and innovative” works of art from their artists.

Lisbon Art Weekend

November 2022 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

Lisbon Art Weekend: a celebration of contemporary art, where 19 spaces open to the public with exhibition openings and special events.

Revolution Xenakis

Ab 11 Nov, 2022 bis 06 Mär, 2023

This exhibition, co-produced by the Paris Philharmonie, is part of the commemorations of the centenary of Iannis Xenakis at the Gulbenkian Foundation and highlights the architectures of sound that Xenakis created over the course of his career.

Lisboa Games Week'22

Ab 17 Nov, 2022 bis 20 Nov, 2022

Lisboa Games Week is the biggest videogames event in Portugal, where the industry shows its latest news and launches. 

Pharaohs Superstars 

Ab 25 Nov, 2022 bis 06 Mär, 2023

This exhibition offers a reflection on Pharaohs and their role as symbols of Ancient Egypt and icons of celebrity.

International Show of Minerals, Gems and Fossils'22

Dezember 2022 (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

The MUHNAC Mineral Show is a big celebration and a milestone in Lisbon’s cultural life. It brings together mineral, gems and fossil collectors and from multiple European countries and thousands of visitors.

Comic-Con Portugal'22

Ab 08 Dez, 2022 bis 11 Dez, 2022

[ 08-12-22 | 11-12-22 ] Cinema, TV, graphic novels, literature, new media, Anime and Manga, cosplay and Comic-Con Kids.

Cirque du Soleil | CRYSTAL

Ab 22 Dez, 2022 bis 01 Jan, 2023
Ab €40 bis €89

The First acrobatic performance on ice, with world-class ice skaters and acrobats claiming their new frozen playground!