Cais do Sodré - Cacilhas By Cacilheiro

Enjoy one of the best maritime experiences in Lisbon by crossing the river on the ferry. You can discover the south bank of the river and the unique panoramic view of the city.

This is an experience you can’t miss while in Lisbon: taking the ferry across the river from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas. Ideally, go in the morning to enjoy the fantastic restaurants on the south bank specialising in grilled fish for lunch. The ferry, cacilheiro, is one of the city’s icons with its bright orange paint contrasting with the many tones of blue and grey of the Tagus. The crossing is calm and allows you to observe the city’s various monuments, as well as the line of the horizon of the sea and the skyline of the north bank. Give yourself some time for contemplation and catch this very traditional means of transport in Lisbon.

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