Great Views of Lisbon

If you arrived by plane, you’re probably already seen one of the best views of Lisbon. But with your feet well planted on the ground, you can climb up to viewing points (miradouros) and terraces with amazing panoramic views. Known for its seven hills, which appear to have been designed to help get to know Lisbon better, there is always a spot where you can look down on people going about their lives. If you prefer walking up other types of steps in something classier than walking boots, never fear: you can also find here a guide to the best terraces and rooftops with restaurants and bars with incredible views of the city.



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Visit one of the most impressive panoramic terraces in Lisbon. Climb up to the top floor of the Hotel Tivoli Lisboa and enjoy the charms of the Sky Bar.

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Helicopter Tours in the Lisbon area.

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Discover one of the best views of Lisbon. Sitting at the top of one of the city’s famous hills, the view lets you write the history of Lisbon through the naked eye.

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A unique spot with an incredible view over Lisbon. Almost mystical in its calmness, this is a perfect place for sitting back and contemplating the city.

Discover one of the calmest viewing points (miradouros) in Lisbon. Unknown by the vast majority of visitors, it has a unique view of a part of the city that is rarely explored.