Roca Lisboa Gallery

At Roca Lisboa Gallery encounter a visual, interactive and sensorial experience.Roca Lisboa Gallery is a century-old building, where the values of the brand Roca, design, innovation, sustainability and wellbeing, are well represented.

Welcome to Roca Lisboa Gallery, especially created for you to be immersed in a visual and interactive experience with Roca, the leading global brand in bathrooms.

This is a building where the brand’s values can be clearly felt: design, innovation, sustainability and well-being. With a history of almost 100 years, Roca has converted a building that is also almost a century old into a unique space where, besides presenting its newest products, it explains the meaning of its brand, the emotions of the bath world, the importance of water in society and its latest accomplishments.

This space also aims to be a place allocated for holding social and cultural activities and exhibitions. Built more than 100 years ago, it currently combines the past with the future, setting itself as a design benchmark for the city of Lisbon.

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