Beaches of Cascais

Take a trip to the beaches heading west out of Lisbon, along the Linha, for a swim and some sun whenever Lisbon gets too hot for sightseeing.

The beaches between Lisbon and Cascais are closer than you think. Take the train from Cais do Sodré or the car and drive along the marginal, the road that follows the coast and has great views of Lisbon and the mouth of the Tagus. Beach-wise, Santo Amaro, Oeiras and Carcavelos are the biggest and most family oriented (Carcavelos is ideal for surfing and skimming novices). You’ll find various schools and hundreds of devotees. Linked to Cascais by the seafront walk, you’ll find other smaller but still good beaches, such as Avencas, São Pedro and Parede. In Cascais, the urban beaches and bay are full in summer and winter. But 6 km from the centre is Cresmina and the amazing Guincho, a hotspot for windsurfers and kitesurfers. With a view of Cape Roca, this is popular for its strong winds.

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