Anna Joyce – 10 Years Career

With new songs in her baggage and a lot of desire to return to Portugal, Anna Joyce, the Angolan artist who currently enjoys greater popularity, returns to the stage of the Coliseu dos Recreios, to celebrate 10 years of career.

Two years after having sold out the Coliseu dos Recreios, in her first major solo performance on one of the most emblematic Portuguese stages and having been in the news for the amazing concert she gave at the O Sol da Caparica festival that year, the artist is preparing to return to Portuguese lands and to the Coliseum, with a unique show where she will defend, on stage, all the hits that mark his first decade of work and surprise with new themes.

Always accompanied by very bold choreographies, "Já Não Cabe", "Eu Esperei", "Só Sei Ler", "Salé", "Eu Amo", "Te Amar", among many other hits from Anna Joyce's career, are some of the songs that will make the whole audience dance and sing.

At a party, what cannot be missing are guests and therefore, the most special will be present at this Anna Joyce concert. 

Tickets for the unprecedented concert to present the artist's new album, on June 29, in Lisbon, are now available and, taking into account what happened when she debuted in this concert hall in 2022, they will quickly disappear. 

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  • Coliseu de LisboaRua das Portas de Santo Antão, 96 1150-269Lisboa
  • 29 Jun, 2024
  • From €25 to €45