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Mysterious Egypt

From 21 Apr, 2022 to 25 Sep, 2022
From €10 to €15

Prepared to travel through one of the most enigmatic cultures in the History of Mankind? Drawing, light and laser are the ingredients of this audiovisual expedition.

Lisbon Under Stars

From 05 May, 2022 to 15 Jul, 2022
From €10 to €15

Lisbon Under Stars will take you on an immersive journey through history that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers, visual effects and music.

2022 UN Ocean Conference | Conferência dos Oceanos

From 27 Jun, 2022 to 01 Jul, 2022

Lisboa will host the 2nd International Ocean Conference promoted by the UN. In parallel, the initiative “ONE SUSTAINABLE OCEAN” – A Sustainable Ocean will bring a wide range of free events. From June 27th to July 1st, at Nations Park.

Chefs on Fire Pop-Up Almada

From 15 Jul, 2022 to 17 Jul, 2022
From €30

The FIRE is lit. Welcome to Chefs on Fire Pop-Up Almada. Unprecedented lunch or dinner menus prepared by great up-and-coming chefs.

European Researchers Night

30 Sep, 2022

An event in which researchers from different fields, share experiences and knowledge with citizens of all ages, as well as with other researchers, investors and politicians.

Gastronomy Festival | Vila Franca de Xira

From 01 Nov, 2022 to 30 Nov, 2022

On November, the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira and the council restaurants, which participate in this campaign, will bet on the gastronomy, one of its most important cultural treasures!

Lisboa Games Week'22

From 17 Nov, 2022 to 20 Nov, 2022

Lisboa Games Week is the biggest videogames event in Portugal, where the industry shows its latest news and launches. 

Cirque du Soleil | CRYSTAL

From 22 Dec, 2022 to 01 Jan, 2023
From €40 to €89

The First acrobatic performance on ice, with world-class ice skaters and acrobats claiming their new frozen playground!

Lisbon Bar Show

May 2023 (date to be confirmed)
From €23 to €30

The biggest cocktails and hospitality event is back! It presents several exhibitors, workshops, seminars and cocktail competitions, highlighting international trends in this sector.

Bairro em Festa

June 2023 (date to be confirmed)

At Intendente, Anjos, Pena, Arroios Bairro em Festa is an event with a diverse programme and which gives voice to intercultural tradition.

World Youth Day 2023

August 2023 (date to be confirmed)

Lisboa is the next venue for World Youth Day 2023.