Carnaval de Loures'24

[ 03-02-24 | 14-02-24 ] The biggest event in town takes to the streets for another great year of carnival. As tradition dictates, the festivities will commence with the Ball and Coronation of Kings.

Loures maintains the tradition of celebrating Carnival with enthusiasm from the beginning of the month until Valentine’s Day.

This year’s theme is the “world of entertainment,” so Broadway stages, Hollywood settings, and Bollywood rhythms can be expected.

The Carnival parade takes to the streets on the 11th and 13th 2500 participants and 15 floats, but there are many activities to take part in.

From Carnival balls to concerts and DJs, including the coronation of the Carnival kings and culminating in the fireworks show, it will be hard to stay out of the festivities.

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  • LouresEstrada Nacional 8, Parque da Cidade, Pavilhão de Macau2674-501Parque da Cidade de Loures Loures
  • From 03 Feb, 2024 to 14 Feb, 2024