MOTELx - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival'23

[ September'23 ] Horror is Welcome at The MOTELx Festival, it has calendar with the finest selection of horror films.

MOTELX celebrates its 17th edition presenting absolute stars, such as ‘A Semente do Mal’, by Gabriel Abrantes, special guests, such as Brandon Cronenberg, four new films with a feminine point of view, the multi-awarded ‘Estranho Caminho’, by Guto Parente, the 50th anniversary of ‘The Exorcist’, the crossing with the GUIÕES Festival, the YouTube microSHORTS and a surprise session with FilmTwist.

It will be possible to see films like ‘Perpetrator’, the second feature film by Jennifer Reeder, ‘My Animal’, by Jacqueline Castel, ‘Run Rabbit Run’, staring Sarah Snook, and also ‘Tickled’, with the new documentary/thriller based on the investigation of a fait-divers in ‘Mister Organ’.

To celebrate cult films, we will have ‘Tarde Demais’ (Portugal, 2000), by José Nascimento, ‘Serpiente de Mar’ (Spain, 1985) and ‘Os Olhos da Alma’ by Roger Lion.

In this edition, YouTube joins MOTELX with the section microSHORTS, films of up to two minutes that are made with mobile phones, tablets or webcams.

From 12th to 18th September; Cinema São Jorge; Av. da Liberdade, 175 (metro: Avenida | buses: 709, 711, 732, 736). Tickets: 4.5 euros, general, per session. More information at:

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  • Cinema São JorgeAvenida da Liberdade, 175 1250-141Lisboa
  • From 12 Sep, 2023 to 18 Sep, 2023
  • Paid