São Silvestre de Lisboa Race'23

The city center is the starting point for the São Silvestre de Lisboa Race, which takes place on December.

The 16th edition of the Lidl São Silvestre de Lisboa will take place on December 30th, at 09:30pm, starting and finishing on Av. Liberdade, the Portuguese capital's noble stage.

It is an event organized by HMS Sports, in partnership with the Lisbon City Council and EGEAC, which will have 12,500 athletes running 10k at the capital's pace, on a course that will take participants to Lisbon's riverside area.

For the youngsters, we have prepared the Clube Pelicas São Silvestre da Pequenada, scheduled for 11:30am on December 16th, at the Keil do Amaral Amphitheatre, Monsanto. 


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