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ONE - The sea like you never felt it

From 11 Jan, 2020 to 11 Jan, 2023
From €13 to €19

Artistic Installation | The new Lisbon Oceanarium exhibition is a sensory experience that transports us to the origin of our relationship with the Sea.

Design in São Bento - Traços da cultura portuguesa

From 25 Jan, 2020 to 06 Jan, 2024

Contemporary interior design composed of portuguese design pieces | at Prime Minister's Official Residence, in Palacete de São Bento.

Study, Conservation and Restoration of the Painéis de São Vicente (St. Vincent Panels)

From 01 Jun, 2020 to 18 May, 2023

Visitors can witness the restoration live behind glass in the Museum, the restorers are not permanently present in the workplace.

WATER – an unfiltered exhibition 

From 01 Jun, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2022
From €7 to €10

A future with water depends on each of us! This exhibition comes to life in the context of the International Decade for Action - Water for Sustainable Development.

Stories of an Empire

From 02 Jul, 2021 to 02 Oct, 2022
From €6

[ Museu do Oriente ] The Távora Sequeira Pinto collection documents the profound artistic connections between Portugal and the cultures of the Asian Empire.

Lx 14 mayo 1575

From 10 Nov, 2021 to 15 May, 2022

Discover aspects of the daily life of the city of Lisbon at the end of the 16th century. On a normal day, a unique city.

A glance at the concept of eternity

From 24 Nov, 2021 to 30 May, 2022
From €10

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian | A series of European illuminated manuscripts on display encourages us to reflect on the concept of eternity.

Chinese Opera 

From 26 Nov, 2021 to 31 Aug, 2022
From €6

The Chinese Opera presents a comprehensive view of this unique performative genre in all its diversity and exuberance. On display are about 280 pieces such as costumes, paintings and musical instruments, as well as photographs and videos.

In Good Memory

From 18 Dec, 2021 to 21 Oct, 2022
From €5

With this exhibition entitled “In Good Memory,” devoted to Portraits, it's created an artistic dialogue, where current issues such as the search for identity or keeping an individual’s memory alive, are showcased.


From 01 Jan, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2022

[ 1st and 3rd weekend of the month ] The FeirAlegria shows all the new trends and creations in urban handicrafts and design, besides having products and entertainment specifically for kids.

Feira de Alfarrabistas (Antique Book Fair)

From 01 Jan, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2022

[ every Saturday ] Take the chance to buy a book and spend the next hour in a pavement café watching the time and people pass by at the best human observatory in Lisbon: Chiado.

Last Folio

From 27 Jan, 2022 to 29 May, 2022
From €5

Yuri Dojc's and Katya Krausova's exhibition reveals images of what is left of the last historic testimony in the life of a people.

Sombras de vento. Entre águas

From 27 Jan, 2022 to 08 May, 2022
From €5

The individual exhibition by the artist Carlos Nogueira gathers a series of works done throughout 2021.

Inquieta Ansiedade

From 27 Jan, 2022 to 08 May, 2022
From €5

Works from the Rui Victorino collection | Among others, it includes works by authors like Paula Rego, Eduardo Nery or Noronha da Costa, as well as works by international artists, such as Vasarely, Albers or Sónia Delaunay.

Breviário do Quotidiano #8

From 27 Jan, 2022 to 08 May, 2022
From €5

With the exhibition “Breviário do Quotidiano #8” the physical space of the Fundação Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva is transformed into an artistic space.

Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel

From 29 Jan, 2022 to 22 May, 2022
From €1 to €5

In this exhibition, Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel present a world which is rather similar to ours, but with slight differences and distortions.

Victor Neves – Unclear-perspectives

From 29 Jan, 2022 to 30 Apr, 2022
From €5

The Cascais Cultural Center receives a selection of drawings by the architect Victor Neves (Lisbon, 1956), gathered in the Unclear-perspectives exhibition.

Piso Lasso - Catarina Lucas

From 05 Feb, 2022 to 07 May, 2022
From €5

Catarina Lucas presents the exhibition 'Piso Lasso' on Floor 2 of the Cascais Cultural Center, which brings together 47 works produced between 2020 and 2021.

Ritmo e Variações | Pepe Barragán

From 12 Feb, 2022 to 29 May, 2022
From €5

The 35 works that make up the exhibition Ritmo e Variações (Rhythm and Variations), made in oil on canvas or on paper in different formats, demonstrate the artist's skill in the careful creation.

Populated Landscapes

From 16 Feb, 2022 to 28 Aug, 2022
From €4.5

Narratives of the MNAC Collection (1855-1920) deals with the aesthetics of the landscape, in dialogue with the presence and human intervention in nature.