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African Lisbon

This food – simple and culturally rich – is prepared as a ritual and served as a tradition.

The great navigations altered humanity’s menu, generating a gastronomic globalisation. Being a truly extensive territory, Africa has a culinary variety of continental proportions, with profound influences stemming from the Portuguese presence, the indigenous ingredients and its mountainous landscape and tropical forest.


Delicacies with names and flavours from afar, seasoned with spices shipped from overseas. This is the voice of African gastronomy: a cornerstone of African culture, a symbol of African identity and a means of communication within Lisbon.


Throughout the city, different communities offer traditional dishes in a hot and authentic environment. There's a gentle, warm, welcoming feeling that takes over as soon as we enter these places. From the products themselves to the way they’re cooked, this is genuine African cuisine.


Find the best Mozambican delicacies at Zambeze, Espelho d’Água and Ibo, where you can indulge in samosas, shrimp or crab curry. Open the doors to Cape Verde at the Associação Caboverdeana or Casa da Morna & Semba, and get carried away with the cachupa, chicken and peanut, tuna patty and homemade ponche. Get a taste of Angola's ethnicity at Casa de Angola, a restaurant and cultural venue that serves the city's finest muamba, besides other typical dishes, such as funge and calulu. Let yourself go and enjoy the live music and dancing served with every meal.


From Mouraria to Alfama, Poço dos Negros to Cais do Sodré, and Alcântara to Belém, this is a mouth-watering journey of intense aromas, ancestral techniques and exotic flavours.


This food – simple, comforting and culturally rich – is prepared as a ritual and served as a tradition, as if telling a story. At the tables, laden with food and conviviality, secrets and traditions are eaten and shared. Unexpected and heart-warming gastronomy, sided with table talk about the richness of the African continent.