Fado Route

Visit typical fado neighbourhoods and discover unforgettable places.


A more genteel fado sung in the halls of the aristocracy.


A Portuguese word that has no translation and is therefore considered to express a feeling characteristic of the Portuguese people. It is one of the themes that is most commonly sung about in fado.


Maria Severa Onofriana (1820-46), a prostitute and singer, popularly known as Severa, is considered to be Lisbon's first professional fado singer. Her affair with the Count of Vimioso opened up the doors to the salons of the aristocracy, where she performed on several occasions. She lived and died in Lisbon's Mouraria, considered by many to be the place where fado was born.


A xaile, or shawl, is an accessory traditionally worn by female fado singers.


Feasts with nocturnal street parties where fado is often sung.