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The Codfish Route

Olho de Boi (Boat Repair)

Point of Interest

Old dock in Almada where maintenance was performed on ships belonging to the Portuguese Fishing Company (Companhia Portuguesa de Pesca – CPP).

Address: 2800-205 Almada 

GPS: Latitude: 38.6842° | Longitude: 9.1597°

How to get there: Ferry: Cais do Sodré – Cacilhas

Portuguese Fishing Company

Point of Interest

Companhia Portuguesa de Pescas - Founded in 1920, it was located in the county of Almada, in the Cacilhas area (Olho-de-Boi).

Address: 2800-205 Almada

GPS: Latitude: 38.6842° | Longitude: 9.1597° 

How to get there: Ferry: Cais do Sodré – Cacilhas

Samouco Salt Pans

Point of Interest

Salinas do Samouco (Samouco Salt Pans)

Sea salt production and safe haven for migratory aquatic birds.



Palácio dos Pinheirinhos - Complexo das salinas do Samouco

2890-532 Alcochete

GPS: Latitude: 38°44'39.41" | Longitude: 8°58'50.80"


Phone: +351 212 348 070


Opening hours: 8am/5pm – last recommended admission time 3pm


How to get there:

Ferry: Cais do Sodré – Montijo – Seixalinho

Bus: 412

Casa dos Bicos


Old codfish warehouse and one of the city’s iconic buildings, today it is home to the José Saramago Foundation.

Address: Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 1100-135 Lisboa

GPS: Latitude: 38°42′33″ | Longitude: 9°07′58″

Phone: +351 218 802 040



Opening hours: From Mon to Sat, between 10am and 6pm

How to get there:

Train: Cascais Line

Bus: 736, 744-711, 744-759

Metro: Blue Line

Interpretative Center of the History of Cod


The Codfish History Interpretation Centre portrays the history of sea voyages to Newfoundland and how codfish became a part of the Portuguese gastronomic tradition.

Address: Terreiro do Paço, Torreão Nascente, 1100-148 Lisboa

GPS: Latitude: 38.7073° | Longitude: 9.1352°



Opening hours: 10am/7pm

How to get there:

Tram: 15E, 25E

Bus: 728, 732, 735, 736, 759, 760, 781, 782

Metro: Blue Line