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Urban Art Route


Diogo Machado, or Add Fuel (Lisbon, 1980), is graduated in Graphic Design from IADE (Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication of the European University). Since 2007 he has been focusing exclusively on his artistic work. Exploring a wide array of manual and digital techniques of drawing, painting, ceramics and printing, his art expresses a sophisticated dialogue between the old and the new, between heritage and modernity. Besides the countless public art interventions created in several countries, he has also showcased his work in solo and collective exhibitions in renowned galleries and museums.


Pedro Campiche, or Akacorleone (Lisbon, 1985), is a visual artist of Portuguese and Swiss descent, who started pursuing his art in Lisbon’s underworld. A compulsive artist obsessed with everything graphic and visual from a very young age, he studied arts and completed a degree in Design and Visual Communication in 2007. After working as a graphic designer for some years, he decided to become a freelance illustrator. Today, he is known for his masterful use of colours, typography, characters and refined shapes, which he combines to obtain appealing compositions, imbued with originality and generalised humour.


Artur Bordalo, or Bordallo II (Lisbon, 1987), found in his grandfather the reference to become a visual artist. His grandfather, Real Bordalo, who was born in 1925 and died in June of this year, painted dozens of oil paintings and watercolours of Lisbon’s urban landscapes. The grandson chose the name Bordalo II as a tribute to the family roots of visual arts. A painter, sculptor, graffitist and welder, he transforms trash into art, spreading installations of large animals across cities’ walls.


Born in Lisbon, in 1974, he dived into the world of graffiti in 1998. In his work, he combines elements from the world of comics and animation with elements from Japanese culture and others more connected to street art code. In 2005, he founded, with artist Ram, the ARM Collective. He stands out with his construction of characters and atmospheres, giving them lines and shapes that make them unique.


Portuguese visual artists and illustrator, Kruella d'Enfer (1988) has been showcasing her work in solo and collective exhibitions since 2010. Comfortable painting both large-scale murals and intimate work on paper and canvas, her use of contrasting colours and geometric shapes brings ancestral legends and myths to life, composing universally appealing fantastical stories.