Urban Art Route


Etymologically the word graffiti comes from the Greek “graphein”, which means “writing, expressing through written characters” and, previously, “drawing, representing through drawn lines”.

This word evolved until our days as follows: graphein (scrawling, writing, drawing) — graffiare (scribbling) — graffio (a scribble or scrawl) — graffito and its plural, graffiti (scribbles).

Graffiti, as urban art, was born in the 1960s and 70s, in New York, along with hip-hop culture.

And from there it spread throughout the outskirts of major cities, until it reached its current status, as acknowledged form of urban art in much of the world.


General contour, or outline.


Graffiti or bomb without any fill-in and which is generally illegal.


The first generation of writers. The kings are admired by all the writers in their crew or other crews, because of their long experience, but also for the mastery of the different graffiti techniques.

Old school

Refers to artists performing for over 20 years.