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Urban Art Route


It is not graffiti, but it is part of the urban art scene. Art done on paper and glued with white glue. Is generally, placed on traffic signs, trash bins and others.


The name by which the writer is known in the graffiti community and the most basic and common form of urban graffiti.

Usually, the Tag is the signature (typography) drawn in order to be quickly executed.

Tags serve the writers’ main need to disseminate their name in a quick and widespread manner. It can be done with spray paint or markers.

One of the most recent forms of tagging are Stickers, which can be done or printed before being applied, so execution is quicker and cleaner.


A large-sized ‘fatter’ Tag, generally, only with one colour or just an outline. The Throw-up is considered a Tag affirmation.

Train bombing and Subway bombing

Graffiti on train and subway carriages.


Beginners, writers just starting out and without graffiti experience.